Monday, February 7, 2011

Next Year's Halftime Show...

How about the Network give our Relay Team a phone call. We would be honored to perform the Superbowl. Obviously, we are trained professionals.
Mostly, we are just happy people.
Thank-you to my team, for taking my crazy idea and making it fabulous. I could watch this video a thousand times (and nearly have) and each viewing makes me smile proudly.
I am madly in Heart with this family.
Honestly, how great are they??

In Order...

Warhol and Sweetbreads
Flag Girl and Chili Davis
Jackie and The Commissioner
Coach and Me
Doc and her fun-seeking replacement TL.
(Her Beloved Clark, is not a spot-light chaser.
He is, however, a wonderful Sport!)

We were thrilled to include several friends and cousins, not to mention Prince Kahuna. I have never, until this moment, desired to put a video on my blog. This 5 minute clip, showcases every reason, I love this group.

Please contact us, if you would like to make a donation to our Relay for Life Team.

**On a personal note, there was just no cool way, for me to bend to the floor for Coach's jump...Sorry.


Coach said...

If the network is reading this, we will need a couple months notice so we can put it together. We also will need prior notice of the famous singers that will randomly appear with us, if you need suggestions I can help.

Parker said...

I think this is 100 times better than the halftime show!

Nice job!!

Unknown said...

You guys make me smile!