Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sitting on the couch.
Eating DQ Double Cheeseburger, fries, Blizzard.
Drinking a Diet Coke.
Watching Marathon of MTV's 'I Used to be Fat'
Laughing out loud as the Chubby girl begins to cry on the Treadmill.

Definition of Irony.
Also, probably, Scene 1 of 'Karma Ordered My Way'.


Flag Girl said...

I was watching 600 pound Mom....

Unknown said...

I find those shows so inspiring. I eat an Oreo, wipe the tears. Who couldn't work out if they were sent to a spa with trainers, cooks, blah, blah, blah... Send me away for two years to a spa, see how I come back.
Seriously, please send me away to a Spa!

Anonymous said...

I always want to eat when I watch The Biggest Loser. Why is that??

Anonymous said...

No, don't worry, the Diet Coke is what will save you. Its not the greasy double cheeseburger, cooked in fat fries, or the ice cream (and whatever topping was so perfectly mixed in by a blizzard professional) that will get you. Its the great taste of a real, full flavored pop. Way to go TS!