Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

My baby, has really began to develop her personality, her... um, 'specialness'. She is defiant. She is absolutely walking to the beat of her own cracked out Red Hot Chili Peppers kinda of Drum. I recently asked Gramma, if Coco reminded her of any of her own children. Gramma's Answer: Doc.
I'm gonna guess Doc was not as gross.

Odds and Ends from Coco's last 6 weeks.

1. She likes her bling. Every minute, of every day, Coco sports some bling. Bracelets, beaded necklaces... her current fav, is a necklace she stole from a friend. This little fashionista wears the necklace on her head, as a crown. Hello, Lindsey Lohan.

2. She believes she is Five. She refuses to sit in a stroller, highchair or booster seat. She stands in a real chair, for all meals. She no longer allows us to carry her (Far cry from Tink who would prefer us carry her to the bathroom.) At a recent visit to the mall, Coco had to walk. On her own. No hand holding.
(sound like Doc, anyone??)

3. Coco can talk. You have to yank the passie from her mouth, but she can speak. She can count. Name all of her extended family. Put together sentences. And YeLL the word "NOOOOOO!"

4. She is wicked smart. She is already messin with us. She can say both "Mom and Mommy" very clearly. But will call me "Momma", to annoy me.

5. She is sorta... unique. Reference the pictures. She has taken The Kid's Confirmation Saint necklace and wrapped the chain over her ear. Daddy, if her sista has earwings, she needs earwings!

6. Her sista. Tink has a very long line, of family and friends, who have catered to her every whim. Tink, was gently lifted onto a tiny pedestal early. Coco, is plenty man enough, to knock Tink off. If Tink is the sprite little cheerleader flipping way into the air... Coco will be the no-nonsense base happily tossin her snotty little a$$ up there.

7. Her forehead is continually sporting a new 'ouchie'. Coco is a climber. The couch, table, beds, nightstands...etc. She is barreling through her world like a linebacker on speed.

8. Linebackers, are kinda gross.
And, they usually like to eat. Coco:
* took a bite out of the paper ketchup container from McDonalds, while trying to suck the ketchup.
* tried to take a bite out of the Christmas tree.
* ate her brother's leather book/charm.
* grabbed poop out of her diaper. Twice, but thankfully did not eat. Small Graces.
* will eat a chunk out of a wet-wipe.
* will bite a chunk out of her sista.
* hates to wash her face, brush her hair or cut her fingernails... but she will brush her teeth 7 times a day, mostly to eat the toothpaste.
* recently dipped her spoonful of peanut butter into Ranch Dressing. Repeatedly. Bite after disgusting bite.

To be fair, she is very beautiful.
She hugs tight. Laughs big. And loves Hard.
But, I am still kinda nervous....


Anonymous said...

Don't be nervous, she has caracteristics of her Aunt Doc, the beauty of her Mother and the personality of her Father. She gives the best hugs EVA. Got one this morning. Love you, Coco.

The Mrs. said...

I didn't think it could be done, but I believe Coco has just earned the rights to don the crown as This Family's Most "Special" Member. And as you well know from my own can't-make-this-stuff-up stories about Punkin that was no easy feat.

She may be a stinker, but the way she nodded at you like she was catching every single one of your requests to sit but then immediately doing the exact opposite during an old man b-ball game? Still makes me laugh almost a month later.

Unknown said...

I needed a Coco in my life. She is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Did Mom say "Eva"?....that girl is a P..I..G..pig, but I would take a PB and ranch kiss/hug from her anyday.

Doc said...

I don't believe I was near the disgusting creature she is!!

ct said...

I think we need to keep Coco and Will apart as much as possible. They are so alike, it's scarier. Maybe it's that Drew and Tink are just so darn demanding, like you said, we've catered to them. This whole blog made me laugh, Will does almost ALL the same things!

I love the part about having to carry Tink but Coco prefers to walk, exact same thing here!!!

Chili said...

You forgot the markers! Non-Toxic that is....

Flag Girl said...

Coco is my Chocolate! I crave her. Discusting or not

Chili said...

Oh! I love the Donger's shirt. Classy!