Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Shared Birthdays!

Grandpa and Gramma, have birthdays just 14 days apart.  And because I want to tell them essentially the same sentiment, I am grouping their birthday post...

To my In-Laws:
My most sincere compliment to pay to you both, would be to complement your children-
Your youngest son, my husband.. is honestly one of the very best men I have known.  He is the most adorable father, a respectful and loving husband. He is a kind and supportive sibling, an attentive and cheerful uncle.  Coach is a man of faith, an extremely hard worker, with an amazing sense of humour and a smile that lights up a room. And he is only one of five of your grown children, with all of the exact same exceptional traits. 
They are all the glowing result of your Love Story.  You have raised a family of amazing beauty and character.  Of all the great riches, medals and titles a person could achieve in nearly 70 years on this Earth... I can think of nothing greater, than to be a parent (and grandparent) of Tru-ly Good People. 
You care deeply for each other.  For your lives.  For your Faith and your land.  You are glad for what you have.  You simply appreciate what you have been given.  And are able to forgive, or understand, what you have lost. Your love really is: Patient and Kind.
You are a shining example for my children. I am so very proud of myself, for surrounding my children, with your people.  It was the best thing I have ever done.  Thank-you for doing such a stellar job of raising the man I love (not to mention, raising my very best friends.) 
Happy (almost shared) Birthdays to one of my Favorite Couples!  I wish you, many many more.  And HAVE FUN tonight.  You deserve it.
All of my Heart-felt Love.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it Tru Stories! We grew up as the 70s/80s tru life version of Little House on the Prairie, we didn't have much but we had each other and we bonded,these people are my best friends. How many people can say they have never even heard their parents even raise their voices toward each other?? I can, and we grew up poor...with farms to pay for, a house full of children to feed, cloth,etc....then teenagers! Parent Lottery!

Coach said...

Whoever commented before me, nailed it. We are truly lucky to have the greatest parents. I hope you both had wonderful birthdays and many more years of love.

The Mrs. said...

Man, that first post took a serious Kenny Roger's "Lucille" turn there for a second (which I loved)!

Happy birthday(s) to two of the most genuinely kind people I have ever known. You are good people who raised another generation of good people who are continuing the tradition you modeled for them - what a legacy your lives and love have created together! Hope each of your days are filled with everything that makes you happy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for such kind words. We are blessed with a wonderful caring family, including our extended families, siblings, and many many cousins. I do believe God sent my little farmer to me years ago to keep me in line. So glad I recognized it. Gramma G

Tru Stories said...

How wild and out of control would Gramma be if she hadn't married Grandpa???

Coach said...

Is it weird that mom needed someone to keep her in line?