Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our World is a Better Place, When You're Around.

From The Kid:
"Remember when my Grammy called you Shelby, in Georgia? Happy Birthday, Shelby."

From Tink:
"Uhhh, I don't know.... uhhhh, hmmmm (giggle) delete that hmmmm! (giggle) I don't know.  Happy Birthday. I like it when you like me. I liked when we went in the hot tub in Florida."

From Coco:
"Happy Birthday, Galway Girl.  I like when you and Moni pick me up with one leg and pick me up like cheerleaders."

To our little Galway Girl-
We miss your bright smile, around our home and especially our town.  Almost every day I pick the kids up from school, I miss your little sparkly face and cheerful wave, racing around the curve.  Yours, is one of my most favorite laughs.  You are spunky, energetic and fiercely competitive.  A pistol to watch on any court or field.
Happy Birthday, pretty Galway.
I'm lucky to have so many great memories, from here and far, of your amazing smile.  We love you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shelby - Remember when we had that great spring break trip? Remember there was no snow. Remember it was hot. That was fun. Happy Birthday. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Galway girl. Hope you had a good one. I too miss your smiling face. And just dropping in for a chat and refreshment. Love you. Gramma G

Coach said...

Happy Birthday!! Start learning some songs so we can here you play. Maybe i can even sing with you, my kids think I am great.

Anonymous said...

Pictures like this always look good when they are displayed life size.