Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Kitchen Remodel.

Arizona has been begging (annoying) me to post pictures of our recent kitchen remodel.  I've been waiting to post until after purchasing the perfect curtains.  Except, as any one driving past our home knows, I still have not covered the windows (Pier One and I are having a differing opinion on a reasonable price for statement making curtains...)
After yesterday's post on how we have been contemplating selling... it seemed fitting to follow that with pics on our recent huge project. (Designed to help us fall back in-love with our home.)

The Before Pictures:
(Prepare yourself.. It. Was. Hideous.)
 Sooooo much bad wood.

 Hellooooo, Yelloooow..

Big huge kitchen, teeny little sink..
The Construction:
We decided to follow a 'build your own bar' format to build our own counter and a new matching top to our hip-high kitchen table. We also did a million little things: new little built in shelves in the cabinets, new hard-ware, removing the swirly cabinet pieces over sink and store, new sink and faucet... we sanded, measured, cut, epoxied, moved outlets and then sanded again. Oh... and we cut a giant hole in one of our walls.

 We decided mid-project to just GO FOR open cabinets.  And I LOVE them!

 New trim, every where!
 Cutting open the wall.
The After Pictures:
(Disclaimer: I am not a DIY Blogger.  I do not know how to 'stage the scene'.  There are no fresh flowers or the perfect time of day soft lighting.)
 The Window (hole).

New Back Splash.
 New Table Top and recovered chairs.

 Open Cabinets, new wood floor and redone buffet. 

I bought the biggest sink I could find. (Love it) and the open cabinets are amazing.  So much easier to put away dishes. 
So there it is. 
It was NOT quick nor was it easy (nor was it cheap).  We spent many hours on this.  But it is so much better now.  We donated SEVEN bins of dishes, we never used. Which made the entire kitchen feel lighter.
Now...  if me and Pier One could just work out that statement-making curtain issue. 


Anonymous said...

Your updates look great! Remodeling anything is a lot of work, but the kitchen is the hardest to stay living there while it's happening. Totally worth it though.

arizona said...

beautiful! you know you just need to find the perfect fabric. your mom can sew.