Thursday, March 27, 2014

Co-Parenting 101

Coach: So yesterday at lunch with The Kid, they kept playing one country song after another at The Station.  The Kid was commenting on how many 'dumb' Country songs were being played.  But then he was also singing them, he knew every word. So after a few, I told him 'It's ok if you want to like Country music.  Just because mom and I don't like it, doesn't mean you can't listen to it..'

I sit up straight, flabbergasted I shout: WHAT?  You can't just go around passing out advice and making major parenting decisions like that, without consulting me first!!

Coach (laughs): I can't give him permission to like his own music??

Me (not laughing): NO.  You can not.  What's next?? Just tell him if it feels good he can try crack or crystal meth?!

Coach: Sorry, I didn't realize.  What should I have told him in that situation?

Me: The truth.  That I'm positive that at least half of today's popular Country music is to blame for the dumbing down of America.  Obviously.


Anonymous said...

I love the changes on the blog. Looks like you modernized it. I agree with your country music decisions do not include Willie Nelson in the country music category. Because, he is Willie and cannot be defined.
I also agree with the no crack and no meth.
Both good parenting decisions. Don't forget, no wrestling.
Your Mother

The Mrs. said...

I will tell you this straight up so you can plan accordingly: no matter his opinion of or the amount of urging by his parents in the first 18 years of his life, if The Kid attends the University of Illinois and he stays there for four years he will come back a listener (and probably even a fan) of country music. It happens and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tru Stories said...

I appreciate the warning... I'm sure if he's a Longhorn (he looks adorable in orange) he'll return a full pick-up truck drivin Cowboy..
I guess, I'll still love him.

Coach said...

I'm not sure if what we do is actully called co-parenting.

Anonymous said...

Coach you make me laugh. Grammy

Flag Girl said...

1. Just because you give him Music rules...does not mean he will choose to follow them....I have learned this quickly. Don't make him a closet country listener. People should let people listen to whatever the BLEEP they want!

2. The International Scout and Jeep Plays Country Music in the summer....pretty much non stop. Country music goes great with the Sun shining...wind blowing on your happy face....and a.....juice box or something in your if you like Scout trips....your gonna have to kick it to Country!

The Mrs. said...

Is there a sign-up for Scout trips? Cause I'm gonna need to get on that list. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer day!

Tru Stories said...

To clarify:
I like real Country. Old Country. Country with real quality instruments and songs that feel. I love almost all folk music.
I'm against the 50% of Modern Country which includes lyrics about- beer cans, bar stars, mud, tight bedazzled jeans and dumb girls.. all sang with a thick, exaggerated twang. None of that country is played in The Jeep.

Munchkin said...

Can we just all come together as a society and hate T Swift together.

I agree old (actual) country good. New (fake) country bad.

Flag Girl said...

Cant join that club.

I like T Swift...Mean.
Its #1 and my jam.