Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Training.

Sunday evening, The Kid had his first Pitching Camp of the year. Monday afternoon, The Kid started Track. In 4 weeks, Coco starts her first week of Tball. Just after that, Tink begins her first week of Softball.
Soooo... Sunday morning, we went shopping with a very long and detailed list of Sporting supplies. "Have a Super Duper Time" was not written any where on the list.  For example, The Kid has grown five inches in just over a year.  He needed new pants, sweats, a new baseball glove and 3 pairs of shoes: Running shoes for track, spikes for track and baseball cleats.
At least 4 times, Coach repeated the phrase "But... didn't we JUST buy him pants??" "But didn't we JUST buy him new shoes??" "But didn't we JUST...."
Until I growled under my breath.. "He has grown 5 inches in 12 months... he needs new everything and will need new everything for the next 5 years.. STOP SAYING THAT!!!"
People got sweaty.  No one wanted to try on anything. And while her brother can't stop growing, mini Tinkerbell has hands too small to fit in any batting gloves any where.
Then, yesterday the temperatures finally reached the high 50's and ALL three kids were outside with their new equipment, working on catching grounders, running down the block to 'strengthen their legs'... and breathing the fresh air. Totally worth the trip.
Practice was pretty limited to simple games of catch.. as one side of our yard is a swamp of melted snow and the other side is a swamp of melted dog poo (at least the poo not yet eaten while in poopsicle form.)

Street Sweeper: this is what our yards look like.  And we're expecting 4-7 inches of snow tonight. Save yourselves and stay in Arizona until at least June.


Munchkin said...

so who at the poopscicles?

sorry had to ask

Munchkin said...

ate* dammit!