Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pretty great reasons...

We have been thinking about selling our home.
Which would come as a huge surprise to many people.
This is a family home.
It was our safe place.
The spot of our mystical wedding ceremony.

But we have a couple, small issues which seem to keep getting bigger with every year that passes. Especially, in our yard. 
1.) Our yard is too big. As mentioned (MANY times) Coach is not a tickering around in the yard, kinda guy.  I acutally love yard work but we have three children and ALL three will play baseball this year.  I want a smaller, fenced back yard, with raised vegetable garden boxes.  Maybe a quiet patio.  Possibly, one simple flower garden.
For example, with a fenced back yard.. maybe, just maybe.. I wouldn't have to stand on the porch anymore screaming at the dog, during an after school rush to stop eating frozen poopsiscles, where everyone and their mother can stand and watch.. (also, more importantly, people wouldn't see me check the mail at 4:00pm in my pajamas.)

2.) Our garage is large, nice, yellow (which actually makes me happy) but it is nothing less than 4 blocks away from our door.  And because my legs are delicate, I hate to park ALL THE WAY over there.  (Oh.. and we have two driveways, which have been TONS of fun to shovel this winter).  Therefore, I never... ever... pull my vehicle into the garage.  Which apparently has not gone unnoticed...
The above text was sent from The Bride's father to her.. He seems to be using my van as his own private weather channel..

3.) As I stated, our yard is very large.  It's beautiful.  Great trees, pretty flowers, perfect location... but our home sits on the back of the lot.  We have almost an acre of ALL front yard.  And all exits to our home are exposed (to the entire world).  Which maybe wouldn't be an issue, if your husband didn't repeatedly fail to notice this noise:
I sent the above picture and the following text, to a few people:
Me: This is why we need a new house with a back porch... this combo has been piled out for everyone to see, for days.
Warhol: Beer, margarita salt and a Blow j@*.... not seeing the problem...
Flag Girl: it looks like a happy home to me
Me: Shouldn't we be concerned about the beer freezing??
Warhol: I mean, it's not like you're still in Bloomington with your "fancy porches" and "indoor beer cabinets" with yard tool closets and stuff...
What is most irritating to me, is that we honestly NEVER drink in our home.  We maybe have people over once, every few months.  But we'll then leave those cases sitting there for weeks and weeks..
Any way, if someone wants to buy our home.
Call me.


Anonymous said...

Fun Fact: I scrolled to the top of that group text to see who would be reading my comment......

Tru Stories said...

Oh wait... so was that text private??
Weird concept..
But I changed your name and put little (#*$) to disguise your words. So it's super tricky for people to really figure out anything.

Fun Fact: That text made me LOL and then LOL again, so it immediately became blog material.
I'd suggest you'd be less funny next time.

Anonymous said...

Warhol's comment hilarious. Especially since you grew up in Normal.
Bonus to anyone that wants to buy the house the spirit of Tru Stories Grandparents reside in the family home.

Tru Stories said...

I can see my mom is going to be super supportive and fun if we decide to sell.