Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Update.

Spring Break-
Day 1. Coco starts puking.
Day 3. Coach starts puking.
Day 4. The Kid starts puking.
Day 8.  Tink starts puking.
Sooo.. Spring Break was super awesome.
Monday, Spring Break fun finally ends and we practically kick those kids outta the house and the grown-ups head down to Clark's Designated Family Holiday, Opening Day.  The adult time was more than needed and very appreciated.  Clark's Gumbo ruled, as always.
Tuesday, April Fools Day.
As a rule, I NEVER trick people, in the hopes that no one will ever trick me.  I'm not a fan.  But my Tinkerbell is two parts funny.  First: she is dripping in perfectly timed sarcasm.  Second: she loves ridiculous physical humour. (much to my dismay).
I stole a few online ideas and played a couple harmless jokes on the kids.  First, I filled both toilets with balloons. As they raced back for After School Potty breaks, they equally squealed in shock. Next, the girls helped me wrap The Kids pillows in aluminum foil. (Tink could NOT stop laughing.)


Last: while the kids were at school I made Jello in glasses with straws, to serve with dinner as their drinks. I waited until every thing was frantic, as all five of us settled into the dinner chaos and then nonchalantly pretended to prepare drinks and pass them out. The Kid immediately said "What's this?!" (I only ever serve milk or water at dinner)
Me: I made Kool-aid today.
The Kid: WHAT??!! (he was beyond excited. I have outlawed the sugar drink for at least 5 years)
He dove head first and started sucking on that straw. Coco enthusiastically followed, her cheeks sucking over and over, as if the straw was broken. Tink followed their lead.
This lasted TOO long. And I laughed hysterically!! Hand over mouth, body shaking, laughing. It was amazing. Top Ten Parenting moment EVER. I literally can not wait to have grandchildren to use this trick again.
And now tonight.
Continuing her year of new starts and adventures...
Flag Girl (and husband) are officially co-owners of an adorable shop in Downtown Morris.  We are thrilled to celebrate with her (and her husband) and my closet is excited to welcome all my new additions!

Great busy week.

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Happy Day Flag Girl!