Monday, October 14, 2013

So The Blogs are Back...!

Imagine my surprise when I finally logged back into my blog and realized the whole world is blogging again!  What?? I've implemented a plan to try and catch up and hey..  why not do it all in one afternoon of marathon blogging?  Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon, 26.crazysomething miles of running. One afternoon of blogging is almost the same thing.
Yesterday, Tink had her kid party for her upcoming seventh birthday.  She asked for a Scavenger Hunt and a Disco Dance party. (possibly she sees or hears too many details about her parents parties..)
She was allowed to invite 10 first grade friends (mostly because I ordered 10 FREE cards on Shutterfly.  It was a pretty scientific process..)
Little pink clues were hidden around Downtown.
Find the candy shop, draw thank-you cards for the local police and deliver to the station, stop for a water break at the train depot,

Visit the best barbershop in town and high-five the barber.

Locate a clock that looks like the clock from Peter Pan and Ring around the Rosey, around it.

Take a picture under a flying fire truck:
Games of Red Rover and a pizza picnic on the sidewalk.

Find Mickey Mouse and shake his hand.
The Kid was VERY excited to dress-up for his sister.

 Part Two:
A Dance party Rave in the yoga studio.
(It helps to be friends with DJ's)

We even ordered glow sticks for each kid.

Pretty confident Tink had an amazing time.  Those first graders know how to rock out.  Coach even gave a mini glow stick demo, which was impressive.  I am so happy my girl has so many amazing little friends. I hope they stick together for many years to come. (especially if she is really going to keep having big girl birthdays....)


Anonymous said...

Why aren't there any pictures of the adorable candy shop?

arizona said...

anonymous... #Hilar.
Um, that was one helluva bday party, setting the bar!