Tuesday, October 1, 2013

November 4th, 2009

I posted the following Bucket List.
Forty dreams (big and small).
My mom asked me to update the list.
So here goes....

1. Stand in the Sistine Chapel, while tears stream down my face.
2. Host a beautiful candle lit Christmas Eve dinner, with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren.
3. Have a regular Girls Night Out. (Why is this so difficult to organize??)
4. Listen to Elton John sing 'Your Song', in person.
5. Order a meal at a cafe in Paris, in near perfect French.
6. Lay on a beach in Jamaica.
7. Eat a Cajun meal, in New Orleans, with Coach, while drinking a cold one. (Completed.  Twice!! Happiest Place on Earth.)
8. Have my son's wife, tell me I raised a respectful and loving man.
9. Be the first person my daughters call, to say they are pregnant. After they call their husbands, sometime following their 24th birthdays.
10. Take the kids to Disney World. (I'm totally over this idea. But we did take them to Florida to hold alligators and that was way cooler.)
11. Stand in the Louvre.
12. Finish the back bathroom. (this should be on Coach's list) (Still. Not. Done)
13. Celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Ireland.
14. Have my flower gardens, the way I imagine! (This has actually moved in a backwards direction.)
15. Own my perfect yoga studio. (Completed! So grateful!)
16. Go to the Oprah show. (Completed!  It was a magical 18 hours!)
17. Witness The Kid score 40 pts, with 10 rebounds, sprinkle in a few assists and One block, so hard core, the echo rings in my ears.
18. Experience a night, as awesome as our 1985 Relay for Life Prom. (Completed. We've had some pretty great nights in the last couple years. The Hollywood Relay Skit was To. Die. For.)
19. Teach my girls a broken heart, will not kill you.
20. Take my family to see mountains. Not that big rock, 20 miles from here. (Completed!)
21. Purchase great outdoor furniture. (Why can't we get this done??)
22. Spend one day, totally alone, with Coco. (We've gotten pretty close.)
23. Go to The Letterman show. (I'm over this.  Now I want Jimmy Fallon.)
24. Take the kids to Washington DC.
25. Find the perfect pair of jeans.
26. Have Coach ask "What we got going on today?" and answer "Nothing." And spend the day with him, doing absolutely nothing. (Still waiting...)
27. Find time to draw again.
28. Plant a vegetable garden. (Completed.  Love it.)
29. Go on a yoga retreat.
30. Have a girls weekend.
31. Purchase expensive bedding, that I melt into. (We've gotten pretty close..)
32. Spend a long weekend in Boston and visit the Green Monster, with other couples.
33. Maintain detailed memory boxes and baby books, for each child. (I try... really... it's so hard!)
34. Take the kids to a movie on Christmas night.
35. Buy a great sectional couch for Friday movie/pizza night. (Completed!)
36. Still find Coach funny when he is 75 and hope he thinks the same of me.
37. Teach children, The Beatles are the greatest band in the world, ever. (Pretty close.  Coco is a struggle.)
38. Find the perfect lipstick color. (Close-ish.)
39. Live a life that will have people talking about something at my funeral... other than being Coach's wife!
40. Smile more. (I think I've gotten better... would anyone agree??)

How often are you allowed to change and/or Edit your Bucket List?  I'd like to delete a few and add some new! Leave your Top Five from your Bucket List, in the Comment Section!


arizona said...

1.) take my family to Hawaii for Christmas
2.) run a 5k
3.) get a pixie cut
4.) hotair balloon ride
5.) 3 week RV trip down the west coast Seattle to SoCal

Munchkin said...

1. Hit 5'3"
2. Potty train small dog
3. Make my hair not look like a soaking wet poodle that stuck it's tail in a light socket
4. Make my metabolism work again
5. Learn how to decorate and dress myself (fashionably)

arizona said...

[is munchkin aware a bucket list is a list of acheivable goals?]

Doc said...

I thought #26 happened last Friday night!

Munchkin said...

I strongly feel that only 1 and 5 are completely unrealistic