Monday, October 14, 2013

School pictures.

Every Fall, we have lovely family pictures taken.
Because of that..
I'm not very concerned with school pictures.  Sure.. I take an extra minute to check their hair but for the most part, I let the kids wear regular clothes, of their choice.  I hope they match, I hope they are not stained.. otherwise, I'm not too involved.
The Kid and Tink, are not an issue.  They wear essentially the same style every day.  Tink left in a regular blue striped shirt and her regular Tink hair..
But then, there's her sister.
Coco put on a fashion show for Aunt Flag Girl and I. We carefully vetoed her first two choices (mostly because of the weather, she picked tank tops more suitable for July...) then she came out with her announced "best one.."
It was a keeper.
Despite what her Grammy thought, I really am unconcerned with Coco wearing a skull & bone t-shirt entitled "Trouble".
Let's get realz..
No one in that Grade School is going to fail to notice Coco is pure Trouble.  It seems like the most logical choice to be printed in hundreds of year books.

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Anonymous said...

It feels like when you let Coco go to school on picture day wearing a pink Tutu and a red Trouble t-shirt, you have given up. Thrown up your hands and said Coco, you are in charge. I cannot even remember what crazy shoes she wore with that.