Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mix it up Chili D!!

Remember our lazy slow weekends in the Jeep....
or that day you were the Red Bull Rock star??

Remember how you love to one-arm bear hug Coach? (sometimes for really no reason at all... like Coach is your little mini-teddy bear brotha. But its still super cute and it makes your girl smile...)
or how we love to annoy Coach by talking about The Avett Brother's.  All. The. Time.

Remember that day you were the Red Bull Rock star?
Or when I almost flashed your awesomeness during one of your shows at Willy's.  (but I did not... Because 1. that wouldn't be appropriate and 2. No body wants to see that anyway..)

Remember that one night with the cheesecake?
And how every time we are ever together we have to constantly talk about how we are going to keep our significant other's fed so they don't get hangry? (Hungry/Angry). Because NObody likes a grumpy Flag Girl or a snappy Coach.
Remember when you were a Red Bull Rock Star?
(because we all do... Epic)

Happy Birthday Chili D!
Thanks for the memories.
Here's too many many more.
Cheers to the year your life changes! (even if some of us really really really like your life smallerish...)


Coach said...

Happy birthday Chili! Remember that time on the bicycle in front of Sass's garage.

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! From The President of The Chili D Fan Club.

Flag Girl said...

Happy Birthday Chili!

Remember that time when TS and I made you blush....wait 2 times...wait...3 times.