Monday, October 14, 2013

Small Town Homecoming.

This past weekend, we celebrated our town Homecoming.  The weather was beautiful.  The kids were beyond excited.  Perfect small town weekend.
(Our favorite senior couple... Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl, walking in the parade. Him for Varsity Football and her for varsity Volleball.  They are adorable.)

(My pretty cousin walking for Volleyball.  She turned 16 for Homecoming. When did she get so old!?)

 (Jumbo Joe's two cutest cheerleaders!!  They love their rweally big cousin.)

Homecoming Dance night... They are magazine ready.  She is beautiful but maybe... just maybe... that dress is a wee bit tiny.  I'm NOT ready for my girls to be in high school.  No sir.

My girls could not get enough of the TPing.  They were sooooo excited to wake in the morning and see that we had been TPed too.  Both of Coach's daughters were positive 'they' were the reason our home was hit.  I have no idea where they inherited that little adorable ego. Great weekend. 
Love the small town traditions.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the adorable little shed they are sitting in front of?
I saw several girls in their homecoming dresses. I'm saying, they don't dance. Little, tiny dresses.
I love the Homecoming Parade. Grammy