Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lucky Sevens all Around.

As I kissed Tink goodnite (for the last time as a 6 year old) Coco was shaking with excitement for her big sista's birthday.  Coco exclaimed "I can't wait to wake up to see how tall Tink got!!"  She was certain Tink would magically grow into a seven year old, overnight.
And essentially, she has.
In the past twelve months, Tink has become a First Grader.  She takes weekly piano lessons, hip-hop dance classes and yoga classes.  She has participated in T-Ball, youth Basketball and several Cheerleading camps.  She traveled to Florida and countless mini vacations.  She is reading!  And she was crowned the most beautiful Christmas Princess of All Times. (possibly a biased opinion.)

I continue to be utterly surprised by how completely surprised I find myself while admiring Tink's vast wealth of awesomeness.  I often want to turn to strangers around me and blurt "Do you SEE her?!  Isn't she amazing??  It's not just me, right... she really is something special, right?!"
I understand, millions of parents must share this feeling... Just this week, I found myself unable to hold back the following exclamation to my husband "Is Tink the best thing we have ever done??!"
(Please understand, I have said this in regards to my other babies, as well. Many times.) But what is different with my Tink, is how often she just plain surprises the heck out of us.

Upon first glance, Tink appears reserved.  Introverted.  She may even trick the unsuspecting into believing she is shy.  (It's all a total sham.) She is so brave. Surprisingly brave.  She has real guts, gumption. Go get em'-ness. With the exception of her arch nemesis The Diving Board, I am unsure if she has ever felt genuine fear.  Her sprite little body continues to amaze me, with the ability to just march up to a challenge.

Tink can really see people. 
She 'gets' what is real.  She instinctively seems to understand what the world may be throwing at her and takes it in stride.  In her deep library of impressive character traits, I wish this more than any other, remains most tru.  In a world of bullies, broken hearts and hurt feelings: Tink's shoulder shrug may prove to be her greatest gift.  She is impeccably unfazed, so perfectly unaffected.

Tink. Is. Hilarious.
The Kid is a frequent Top Ten Lister.  'Give me your Top Ten vacations, states, friends...etc.'  He recently asked me to list the Top Ten Funny People I Know. Tink made the Top Five.  Without question. (and I know funny people...)
If Coach and I blended a giant pot of DNA funny, extended from several siblings, cousins etc... Tink is the blue ribbon-best in show- premier apple pie in the whole competition.  With whipped cream and cherry on top.  That girl has the good stuff.  A rare combination of a lil bit silly and a whole lotta sarcastic.  I literally LOL daily, around this child.
**Side Note: ask me how funny this B is when she's 17 and we will see if she's still cracking me up...

Tink is beautiful.  She takes my breath away.  How could I have been a part in creating something so quietly and unassumingly engaging? Her adorable little legs, her delicate chin and striking blue eyes.  Her big girl haircut and bootcut slim jeans... her hand on hip confidence and milky perfect complexion.. ? 
Tink is the best version of me and Coach.  The perfect mascot of our quirky, unpredictable love story.  The Kid is our Heart.  Coco is our Joy.  Tink: is our chillin on the couch, hand holding, soft smile of love.
My Tinkerbell,
Words can not express my pride for you.  How could we have imagined such a teeny, tiny bundled baby could be so capable.  So strong.  So brilliant.  A determined pixie without limitations.  Please continue to become everything you are and more.  I miss you every day you leave for life and yet I no longer wish to keep you safely in my pocket.  Please continue to love life.  Live fearless (to a point!) Dream bigger than your imagination.  Compete only with yourself. 
Always know, we're on your sidelines: proudly watching you glow.  My girl, who continues to believe fairies paint the sparkles on freshly fallen snow....
I Lobe You.
Happy Seventh Birthday, Tink.
You're still just too good to be Tru.


Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday Tink!

Anonymous said...

Our little Tink is something. She owns my heart right now. I can cuddle with that child all day and hold her tiny hand all night. Tiny as a Tink, brave as a giant. Happy Birthday! Love you more! Grammy

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy 7th Birthday sweet Tink

arizona said...

beautifully written!
happy birthday, Tink!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tink. You are growing into such a lovely young lady. And such a musician. I will gladly go to your concert any time. Love you much! Gramma G

Coach said...

I LOVE THIS GIRL! Happy birtday to my sunshine.

Flag Girl said...

Happy Birthday Tink!
Love your hugs.....