Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tink's Cheerleading Performance

Yesterday, Tink attended a 3 hour Cheer Camp.  Tonight, Tink performed during half time of the Varsity Basketball game. She is very front and center.
Tiny, with bangs, grey leggins/skirt.
And She is Adorable.
Please notice her signature sign-off.

Nailed it.  Too cute. How bout them hips?!
Coco said: "My sista was SUPER awesome!  She was gorgeous.  She is golden."
Seriously, Coco said 'golden'.
Coco has never been more proud.

When not hugging her gorgeous sista, Coco hung in the Student Cheer Section, snuggled between her new mommy and daddy (Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl)... aren't they the cutest family?!

This performance was such a huge deal: even Uncle came out to support his niece!
Eme, Tink's fellow cheerleader.
I'm so proud of Tink's bravery! How is it possible that I am really THIS in Luv with a cheerleader??! Crazy.


Anonymous said...

She was adorable! How did our Tiny Tink all of a sudden become so confident? Love it!!! Favorite part, Uncle watching from the stands. Grammy

Coach said...

Cutest cheerleader Eva!

Flag Girl said...

So Cute! Thanks for posting! All adorable pics!
We wont EVEN talk about the inappropriate part of the post.....

arizona said...

i cannot believe you would let your daughter grow up like that. i would've thought you had learned something w/ the man child.. 'the kid' is hardly appropriate anymore.

Tru Stories said...

Arizona- He'll be 'The Kid' fo life.

Flag Girl- Gee, what part of the post are you talking about?? Not that adorable lil 3 Family Snuggle Fest??!