Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Rock Concert:

As previously mentioned, Chili D and The Teacher have an acoustic band.. and By Far their biggest fan, is little Coco.  Obviously, Coco is unable to follow her band to each and every location (which does not amuse her).  When the band does play in an appropriate venue, it is the biggest night of her young life.
This weekend, we were asked to watched The Mrs and The General's girls, while they lived it up Limo Bus Style.  I said sure... but they needed to pack their sparkle cuz we were headed to a Rock Concert.  The excitement was palpable.

 (Rock Out)
Tink and Kenna were equally thrilled to listen to the band, though they preferred a more dignified and reserved audience behavior. Neither dignified nor reserved, were words used to describe Laina and Coco.
They were dancing queens, who eventually took to the microphone and asked the crowd to tip them for their awesome dance moves. 
Yes.  They begged people to tip them cash to dance..
Totally their idea.

 (Please notice the hair flipping)

After awhile (and a few looks from less tolerant spectators) we decided it was time to retire early with the girls... The dancers were not thrilled to leave before the end of the concert... but they were hard core psyched over their tips.

Coach commented on the drive home, that these two must have gotten their drama from their mothers.
Uh yeh... cuz NO ONE on their Fathers' side of the family enjoys sucking the attention out of a room. 


Anonymous said...

I watched the display both fascinated and scared for the future. It is so odd. As wild as Coco and Laina were, that is how calm Tink and Kenna were. Seeing all the sequins made me realize I was way under dressed.
We sat across the room. The Kid needed some space. It was a great evening.
There will come a time when you will not be able to let Coco and Laina spend time together. It will not be safe, for the rest of the world. Two peas in a pod. They might have some of Munchkin's DNA. Wait, General's Risky Business flashed through my mind. In the future keep the little girls away from music. Scarey...

arizona said...


The Mrs. said...

And you still want us to come live in town? The two of them, left unsupervised, can never be trusted.

Love the look on Coco's face in that last picture. And FYI, Elaina asked if she could donate her earnings to Jump Rope for Heart. Turning questionable deeds into acts of kindness - sounds like a performance at one of the dances!

Tru Stories said...

So cute! Laina really is one of the family. Totally willing to humiliate herself all in the name of charity! Love it.

Munchkin said...

I don't see any spandex or tighty whiteys... there's still hope for them