Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday Cousin Edtn.

For no good reason, in no particular order... I've compiled a collection of cute pics of some of The Cousins, from their adorable past. Just because:
They are too cute.
They make me smile.
And... I love them.

 (The Kid, Quincy and Galway Girl)
 (Coco, Joy, Owl and Tink)
 (The Kid and Jumbo Joe)

(Bondi Beach, Galway Girl, Princess Monoco)

 (Galway Girl, Maximus, Tink)

 (Quincy and The Kid)
 (Lots of them!)
 (Tink and Owl)
(One being cute at Tink's bday)

(Tink, Glen Allen, Princess Monaco, Bondi and The Kid)

(Chunky Coco, Joy, Owl and Tink)
How sweet are they together?
'All because 2 people fell in love...'
eh... Gramma and Grandpa??

Side Note:
We are missing tiny Reggie because she is too new for a Flashback... And I have no pics of One snuggling cousins.. only him buddied up next to Coach (because Coach thinks he is technically the biggest cousin.)


Arizona said...

love the pic of the kid looking at his big cousin.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Super cute...I wanna squeeze Coco in the last picture

Anonymous said...

Lots of memories. Gramma G

ct said...

the baby picture of tink and owl might be the cutest picture ever.