Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Disney World.

So it feels (to the kids) as if EVERY other child in the world, is currently flying back and forth from Disney World.  We seem to be constantly discussing this.
Set Scene.  In the van, after school.

Me: I saw Owen is flying to Disney today!

Tink (gazing out window): I know.

The Kid (total drama): EVERY body is going to Florida.  WHY can't we fly to Florida??  You said it was too expensive but Owen has 5 people in his family!!

Me: It is expensive, the park, the plane, the hotels... it's a lot.  Dad and I were thinking we really need new outside doors, wood floors in the main room and maybe a new couch.  Wouldn't a new couch be fun?!

The Kid: Uggghh!!  No.  Nobody wants new doors and a couch.  We WANT to go to Florida!  ... Tink, do you want a new couch or a trip to FLORIDA??!

Tink (totally 100% serious): I want a new couch.

I start hysterically laughing because our little homebody just completely destroyed The Kid's point.

The Kid (shocked, indignant but kinda laughing): She doesn't count.  She is SO WEIRD!  No kid really wants a new couch!

Me: Sounds like we'll skip Florida and instead we'll take Tink couch shopping date one evening.

Tink (hand clapping): Yeah!!

The Kid (slumping in seat): She's so weird.


Arizona said...

who couldn't guess what Tink's response would be... she didn't want to go school bc she would miss her couch!

The Mrs. said...

It's Tru: Everyone I know is taking their family to Disney. I'm taking it harder than the children.

Also a Tru Story: When I explained to the girls three years ago how much it would cost to go to Disney they were stunned into silence. When I explained that saving for a trip like that would involve giving up "extras" like fruit snacks and trips to McDonald's, McKenna straight faced stated, "I don't really want to go to Disney that bad". So, my girls and Tink can sit on your new couch snacking on some fries & nuggets watching Rapunzel and be totally happy together.

Anonymous said...

I don't get Disney. Maybe it was because we were only there for 1 day. Standing in line after line, crowds, heat, rides. None of it sounds fun to me.
Give me a beach. Give me nature. Niagra Falls way better than Disney. Grand Canyon, better. Everything in Colorado, better. Disney is a big money sucker.

Coach said...

She is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Tink could soo fit into our original family. Our big thing at that age was one night at a motel running down to get the ice and bringing it back to add to our pop in the room.(never asked them about Disney) Then again she might not take that over the new couch! Love her thinking. Gramma G