Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New and Stylish: Part 1

Sunday, completely out of the blue, Tink told me: "I need a new and stylish hair cut.  EVERYbody has new and stylish hair!  I want stylish hair like Owl or Ella Bella.  My hair is not new and stylish...humpf."
(side note: no idea where 'stylish' came from)
When Tink sets her mind to something, two things happen: First, Tink usually gets her way, like NOW.  Second, Coco needs whatever Tink wanted and Coco needs that, like yesterday.
We called "Da Gwirls" and made hair appointments.  As you are aware: Coco is a Rock Star.  And Rock Star's do not like cutesie pony tails.  No way.  As a result, our current hair brushing and/or styling was a nightmare. 
I asked her stylist (Angie) to "think young 1950's Bob, with a little Funk mixed with a little Rock Star."
The Before pics:

The After Pics:
Please notice the Hand on Hip, new haircut attitude.

Now, I had made a very healthy lunch... but after the Rock Star Hair Reveal, Daddy decided we needed to take Coco to Turtles for lunch.  (Coach is always so sweet, thinking of the Coco ... before his stomach.)
I adore her hair!  And obviously, Coco has more sass and spunk in the After Pictures.  Which is a relief, because Coco really needed more sass and spunk...

Later this evening: Tink's Cut.


Anonymous said...

I hope this brings her out of her shell. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Very sassy miss Coco! Love it

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