Sunday, February 3, 2013

The (Not so Much a) Kid.

In the last several months, The Kid has turned Jr High.  He is gone ALL the time.  His schedule is practically giving me weekly anxiety attacks.  He's playing on 3 different basketball teams/leagues.  School clubs and projects.  Friends...etc.
And when he is home..
He walks around with his big Cool Kid head phones, hooked up to his iPhone.  He grunts answers, his basketball shoes get Febreezed and he has little tolerance for annoying sistas. He behaves entitled. He refuses chores.
And it makes my stomach hurt.
Is my sweet chubby toddler boy, totally gone?
Is my time with him over?
In a blink of an eye, did I just lose my snuggle baby boy to Teenage Town?  But how?? He didn't even ask my permission to move there!
Then, at bedtime I found this:

I feel hopeful, maybe I've still got a few months or (dare to dream) years with my sweet little boy...

My bookends are two peas built from the same pod.
God help us...
But when they are good, it's really beyond words.


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So sweet. Grammt

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So sweet!

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awww. love this.