Friday, January 4, 2013

Ok... Let's Do This!

* I've noticed, my blog gets several hits from various locations in England.  In just one afternoon this week, 3 hits from 3 different English towns.

* There's a woman my mother knows, with a crush on my husband, though they've never met.  Just from reading this blog... which is weird, since I frequently degrade, debase and ridicule my husband.

* I've recently discovered another blog entitled Tru Stories, which began one year ago.  She posts approximately twice a month... about books... and she has over 300 Followers. Wha??

*The 87 Birthday posts are being reconsidered... as they are actually creatively difficult... especially for those whom never acknowledge the actual existence of the said post.

* Another follower recently asked why I do not have a book deal and then proceeded to point out other blog writers, who have book deals... though they seem sorta lame and my extended family seems sorta awesome?  Is it possibly because I drop the F##$ bomb and my youngest daughter licks werid stuff??

So... Here's the deal.
My blog and myself, need a Jump Start.
From you.
Use this first post of 2013, to Inspire me.

If you are from England... please tell me why, for the Love of Everything... you are even reading this small town blog?  Is it a Honey Boo Boo fascination??
If you are crushin on Coach... tell me why?  Do you want more Coach posts?  Or are you just checkin to see if he will EVER remember garbage day?? (PS. he completely missed it 2 weeks ago...)
If you like the birthday posts... should I keep writing them? What posts are your favorites?

Ask me a question. Anything.
Comment Section a burning hot topic question for Tru Stories and family.  What are you interested in?  Who are your favorite characters??  What I have posted, that you just COULD NOT believe or COULD NOT get enough of?
If you are silently stalking ... Become a follower.  The bloggers out West with 2 posts a week and 1500 Followers, totally baffle me.
Why don't I have a book deal?? ... maybe the World isn't interested in the sarcastic thoughts from a chick ugly enough to be called Flag Girl's boyfriend (no offense to Flag Girl's actual not ugly boyfriend..)

Seriously, this blog is drowning. I need a life raft.
Comment, Follow, Question, Inspire me...


Unknown said...

My favorite posts are the birthday and mother's day posts for Grammy. She sounds amazing. Maybe you should write more about her.

The Mrs. said...

Okay, I need to know. Is there some kind of alert that goes off when you post that only Page Turner can hear? Are there "new post is up" text messages sent? It amazes me that almost every time within ten minutes or so of a new post being published she's already commented (asks the girls who's only twenty minutes behind her).

My votes:
*less birthday posts (I did one year, it was all I could handle, kudos to you for going multiple years. They are harder to write than one might think!)
*more "who would you jack" posts, mostly for the comments.
*more conversation snippets between you & Coach. He makes me laugh.

I think all of the bloggers need to be given themes by our readers and go off those. I do better when I have a direction. Helps me step out of the box a little bit, you know?

Arizona said...

i love all recounted conversations, be it the girls, the kid, coach, whatever.
not a huge fan of the birthday posts.
you have to have funny conversations w/ Grammy, post those.
i personally appreciate the clean language on your blog, though i do talk like a trucker most of the time, so if you have to sell out for a cuss word here and there, i say go for it.

Coach said...

I would like to have the names and numbers of the crushes (if there really are any), just in case Tru Stories does get that book deal and decides to move on without me.

Coach said...

There is no way I could handle all these kids.

Munchkin said...

i just quit blogging

Tru Stories said...

Funny... like I'm leaving Coach with my kids.
My children would be swimming in mountains of garbage, piled in the house, from forgotten garbage days...

Anonymous said...

I like Flag girl 40th birthday posts....


Your friend from England

Tru Stories said...

Coach said he'd sell the rights to all my writings and life story for 800 bucks flat.
He values me.
I'm lucky.

Coach said...

I really thought that was someone from England, till I heard different. I was going to make an awesome comment about how funny English people are.

Unknown said...

Very funny Flag Girl. I mean English person.

Anonymous said...

Worhol seems fascinating, if anything he needs more birthday posts. Family convos are classic, blue it up a tad,just be careful posting things that may get people arrested. -Unanimous

Tru Stories said...

Dear Anonymous:

I'm unsure what the term 'blue it up a tad' means...
Naturally, I can only assume, you'd like my blog to move in a more Democratic direction??

The General said...

You could have a sports section and exclusively cover the Laker-Cyclone-Red Shirt, Over-30 basketball team that is currently 1-0 with a three game streak stemming from last year. If 12 of the best lookin' sweaty men in the area don't draw readers, I don't know what would.

Coach said...


That Brown Family said...

I most enjoy your stories of gross things your kids do...I can totally relate as my daughter is the same way, eating snow off the carpet that was drug in from outside, or noodles - the foam kind from a pool...just to name a couple!

Also, I love your video slides to music, you're awesome at that!

I read a lot of blogs and yours is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I HEART THE LIVIN' HECK OUTTA YOUR BLOG! I came upon it by accident a few years ago & now I just CAN'T STOP checking daily to see if there's a new blog. You write like I do, only people actually like to read your stuff. I don't think I'd get as big of a following or else I'd give it a try myself. So, please keep bloggin' on for this gal!