Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moving Forward...

Well... we did not reach 300 Followers and technically, I did not receive any exciting feedback from England or various new voices from across the country... and Coach didn't get any numbers from the ladies... but I do have a direction to move forward with..

* I do not mind birthday posts, they are very fun to write for those whom love to check/read/Comment on the birthday posts.  For those who love them: You're still Golden.  Especially Flag Girl, now that I've heard from her English fan.

* People seem to find the intimate conversations between Husband and Wife, to be touching (no pun intended) so we will continue those... if Coach still has his funny.

* I get it Arizona: I need to blog more.

Sooo... that's it??
I think we may be shopping at IKEA tomorrow, maybe we'll lose a kid in the parking lot or something... to keep things interesting.

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