Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sick Day.

Coco has had exactly 2 ear aches in her mostly healthy life.  Both times, she neither complained or showed other signs.  The only sorta sign??  She became more sensitive to sound.  She asked for the music to be turned down in the van (normally Mini Rock Star wants to rock out) and she seemed 'louder'.
Over the last two days, Coco has been LOUD.
Extra energy.
Extra bouncy.
Extra loud.
And she is hard core into repeating "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom...etc" during all her tasks. So, we made an appointment at the Doctor this afternoon.

1 day of school missed.
1 visit to Doctor.
15 minutes of Coco and I standing in the waiting room, with hands dug in our coat pockets, not touching ANYTHING for fear of germs.
2 ears inspected.

Final Diagnosis??
"Your daughter's fine."

Me: "So she's just a loud mouth??"

Dr: "yeh... I guess she is."



Coach said...


arizona said...

Man, I never thought about possibly having the loud mouth kid...

Unknown said...

Keeping things in perspective, loud mouth kid is better than:
Stinky Kid
Booger Faced Kid
Nose Picking Kid

Loud Mouth Kid can still be cute. She is clean. There can be hope for her.

Tru Stories said...

But I thought Coco was already just:
The Kid that Licks Stuff
and Lainie was
The Loud Mouth Kid

Coco can't be both, can she??

Anonymous said...

She is a cute loud mouth! Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

Coco may be loud, but I don't think she will EVER take the "Loud Kid" crown away from Elaina. That headpiece is securely and fashionably attached to that child's head. Unfortunately, it appears for those of us who live with her, FOR LIFE.

Anonymous said...

It's cute till she's "The loudmouth friend" though Kathy Griffin seems to be successful.-iusetobeahookerlikesloudmouthshol