Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kahuna's Rock of Ages

The first half of our dance performance (the half with the 'pretend talent' entertainment).  I can NOT believe what we did.... can NOT believe it. 
Oh. My. God....


Unknown said...

Way better now that I could actually see it. Could not even see the movie part last night. Good job, as always.

The Mrs. said...

Coach screaming "My name is" might be among the top three greatest performances of his life. I laugh every time I watch it or even think about it. Munchkin, if this doctor gig doesn't work out you could totally pick up some side work as a midget rapper.

I big fat puffy heart love the frantic spotlight movements trying to keep everyone in frame.

Sweatbreasts nailed the Joe Perry face. The DJ scratching was spot on. And both rapping members of Run DMC were OUTSTANDING.

There are no words for you, Tru Stories. No words. I think you went into an alternate universe during this performance.

Coach said...

I feel sick everytime I watch it, and it hurts that I am on the front of the video all the time.

arizona said...

Does she know her new blog name is Sweetbreasts?
TS.. I saw Steven Tyler in concert.. he was old and gross. You were def not, fantastic rocking out!
can we get the theme for 2015 out, that's the next one I plan on attending.

Anonymous said...

OMG that was so funny!
-The Kid