Monday, January 28, 2013

Losing My Religion.

Sunday morning we attended Mass at the church, for The Kid's school.  Getting the five of us, awake, dressed cute, out of the house and out of town before 7:40am... was a Sunday morning miracle.
Just as Mass was starting, Coco looked towards the back of the church and saw their Father.  Coco stood up in the pew, pointed and exclaimed "Look!  Dey have a different God here!!"


Anonymous said...

That is so funny!! Glad I stopped over here before I went to bed. That girl is a kick. Maybe you need to spend less time making them cute and more time explaining God. Just saying.
Gramma G - I think you retired too early. Coco could really use you.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to convince those little ones that the priest is not God, but never in my 13 years did I hear there were different Gods. Just shows she is paying attention. Love to be a mouse in her classrooms. She is going to make life interesting and enjoyable! Love her. Gramma G