Monday, December 31, 2012

The Top Ten Tru Stories Moments from 2012

This past year, produced more medical drama than one family would care to deal with in a decade's worth of living.  Several of families members were checked, screened, hospitalized and sewn back together, with one ailment after another.  A few more serious, than were necessary for Coach's happy face.
I'm for finding the brighter side of the coin... so here are ten great moments from the past 12 months, in no particular order.
1.  My tanned summer-time kiddies... turning into baseball players, swimmers, diving board jumpers...

2. Watching 5 children, whom I love too much, running (racing) towards their very first ocean!  Pure, irreplaceable joy...
Original Blog Date/Title: March 21, 2012. "I Hope You Still Feel Small When you Stand Beside the Ocean." 

3. The Opening of our Dream.  With much help and support from our amazing friends and family, we were able to open our businesses.  We feel very blessed.
Original Blog Date: April 10, 2012 "What is in a Name?"

4. Express Yourself... Madonna concert.
Despite a pretty significant delay (which I didn't love) I'm still a fan. And I would wait HOURS to have been a part of watching Mrs. catch her first peek of Madonna coming from behind the curtain... Mrs reacted with Oprah's Favorite Things worthy enthusiasm.  Jumping, screaming, eyes welled with tears, pulling down my shirt, crazed enthusiasm. Priceless.

5. Our Christmas princess... will forever live in my mind as one of my most precious Christmas memories eva.  Tink was so beautiful, posed and confident.  She sparkled with Christmas magic.
Original Blog Date/Title: December 1, 2012.  "The Christmas Parade."

6. Coco becoming a Rock Star.  I'm sure, sooner than later, we will regret the American Idol Disaster Try-out ego we are installing in our baby.... but as of now, there is nothing more adorable than watching Coco own the stage.
Original Blog Date/Title: August 25, 2012. "Probably... this is how Britney Spears started..."

7. The Re-invention of The Kid. Sometimes the most difficult decisions yield the most amazing results. Plus, it's awesome when I get to say "I told you so.."
Original Blog Date/Title: August 22. "Fresh Start"

8. The afternoon, Flag Girl's aunt, asked her if I was her boyfriend.  I'm not sure it is the 'best' moment of 2012 but I'm fairly certain, it is a moment which will Never Ever be forgotten. Especially not, in this family.
Original Blog: August 7, 2012. "Aunts are Fun"

9. Our Team Skit from the Hollywood Masquerade Dance.  i LOVE this video.  i LOVE these people.  i LOVE everything about it....
Wonder what we'll do on January 12th??:

10.  The Engagement of Sweetbreads and Warhol, via this blog.  I am still so honored, to have played a small role in their love story.  The extreme anxiety attack... totally worth it.
Original Blog Date/Title: August 31, 2012 "And Without ANY Further Adieu"
I like to remind myself of New Orleans...

BONUS Awesome BLOG Moment:
The Butt Face Fairy Comment Section.
Still... Beyond funny stuff.
Original Date/Title: Sept. 5, 2012. "Barbie Fairies"

Thanks for the great times, Tru Stories cast.
Happy New Year. I love you!


The Page Turner said...

Very good year in review! Love, love the dance video.

Anonymous said...

Great re-cap TS, its like we are in a sitcom and get to watch the best of at the end of the year. greatyearhol

The Mrs. said...

Madonna was certainly a top 2012 moment for me too. Thanks for making it happen. And in case readers are wondering, her description of my reaction is not at all exaggerated. I get a little bit excited sometimes.

Happy 2013 Tru Stories family and friends.

Anonymous said...

BUTT FACE personal fav.

Coach said...

I am happy I didn't do anything stupid that made the top ten.