Wednesday, August 1, 2012


**We interrupt this birthday blog day....

Exactly when did a majority of our nation begin participating, discussing and analyzing the political or religious views of owners from bad, greasy and tacky fast food restaurants?? And then take their bigoted and small-minded views, dramatically publicize those views on every major television network or news websites... stirring up the mixing pot of our country, to take to the streets or their Facebook accounts to support the ramblings of a fried chicken sandwich in the name of good Christian beliefs??
I honestly nearly laughed out loud (LOLed if you will...) at the shocking ridiculousness of this situation. Stop for a minute... sit quietly just for a second... and you can almost hear the dumbing down of our nation.
You certainly would NOT want to use your time to publicly support much less pressing issues such as the closing of our schools, child trafficking, drug addicted teenagers, the closing of our over-crowded prisons systems and under staffed mental/physical health facilities or the increasing numbers of teen suicide/pregnancy and domestic violence.
Instead, make sure you run out and buy a poorly made over-processed chemically pumped Chicken sandwich for $1.99 because it's moronic CEO blabbed his personal and idiotic opinions.
I'm sure the forward thinking actual Freedom to All founders and fighters of this country must be so proud. It's practically like the Marches organized for The Right for Women to Vote or Equal Civil Rights for all Races. Burn your bra and make sure you get fries with that.

** We will now proceed later in the day, with our scheduled birthday blogging.


Unknown said...

You make me proud!

Anonymous said...

I'll have the spicy chicken, less taxes, and hold the late term abortion please......

Coach said...

I'm not political at all but I guess I don't understand this guys issue. In the future I'll buy my spicey crispy chicken sandwich at Wendys. Because I still like chemically enhanced fried chicken.

Tru Stories said...

To be clear:
My rant is not against the owner of ChickfilA (though his comments were ignorant) I do respect that every person in this country has a right to their opinion.
My rant is directed to our society in general, which first even asks the owner of a fast food restaurant his views (because who cares??) ... then reports those views on various news outlets (as if there is nothing more important to report)... and THEN society creates a mob action mentality carrying their Bibles into a cheap chicken joint... and THEN major networks use a LIVE news feed to film people standing in line for their fried chicken meal, as if purchasing french fries is really a respectable statement against people's rights.
That is my rant. The dumbing down of our nation, as a whole.

End Scene.