Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Funday Mondays

As the summer nears an end and my mom panic sets in that I am losing my babies quickly... we clear our schedules each August for lots of family time. Specifically, Family Funday Mondays.
Our first Monday:
We took the children to Chicago to the Science and Industry Museum. (PS- not as awesome, organized or easy to navigate as the Field Museum.)

 (Coco in the Blow Machine.)
We then skipped over to the Lake for a little wading. (Coco was immediately drenched to her shoulders.)

Our Second Family Monday:
Included physical appointments for all children, errands, a family dinner and a long, happy walk. (PS- Coach despises walks.... we have two cars.)

(Tink's hand painted for the Wall of Fame... which means she's REALLY going to Kindergarten.... NOOO.)

It's possible, Coach was quoted directly as saying: "Don't get me wrong... I love our Family Funday Mondays... I just might love them more, if they'd last like 2 hours... rather than all day."

So he got the opposite of his wish,
when I planned 3 days in St. Louis....

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Unknown said...

What a nice little family. Except why are The Kid's shoes so man big. Please get cute little shoes for him. Remember his tiny baseball slippers? I do. Get them back. You panic over the girls going to school. I am in a panic over my bestie becoming bigger than me.