Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We're like a Page Torn from the Most Poetic Love Story...

A totally random conversation between Coach and I.... completely out of the blue:

Me: You know my Uncle Jerry..?  Did you know his middle name is Harry?

Coach: Seriously?!

Me: Yep... Jerry Harry Wahl.  Isn't that funny?

Coach: That's hilarious.

Me: I know....right?

Coach: What's George Washington's middle name?

Me: I have no idea.  Why??

Coach: Because if his middle name started with an H, your uncle would have the same initials as George Washington.

Me: Ummmmm...

Coach: GHW... they would be the same... ohhh.. Wait a minute... Jerry starts with..

Me: You know... maybe you shouldn't always vocalize your thought process... MAYBE sometimes, you should pause for a moment and just THINK your thought thru before actually saying it out loud...


Unknown said...

There are people that spell it Gerry.
Here is a question, why would you be having that conversation?
Just wondering. Have you completely run out of real things to talk about. Oops. Sorry. I forgot you cute little subjects are in school now.

Coach said...

I didn't think this conversation was gonna be posted, I feel uncomfortable

Unknown said...

Coach didn't you sign the disclaimer? Every conversation has the potential to be posted. She can't let her fan base down.

Tru Stories said...

The only person spelling it with a G is a Spice Girl.

Coach said...

I am lucky she doesn't post all of our conversations, I could get looked at differently.