Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let me Take a Quick Picture...

Last night, we went to an adorable little winery to listen to a seriously awesome band and yet we seemed to find nothing better to do, than take a thousand pictures of each other and then laugh hysterically over the fact that we JUST KEPT taking more pictures.
Good times, Clark... Good times.

Again... Coach and his sistas.  Soo pretty.

The Outlaws: not quite as pretty but still not bad.


The guys tried to take a dramatic shot but Coach couldn't stop laughing. 


Coach almost doesn't look completely uncomfortable and awkward with his wife.

Last question:
Did anyone notice the totally new and sorta drastic thing happening in these pictures?


Unknown said...

Great pictures! I love your hair. I think I would like it more with longer bangs and lighter color.

Arizona said...

what is the new & drastic thing??

Anonymous said...

Not ignoring the "new and drastic thing" Just trying to figure it out,

Tru Stories said...

It's the MANY inches of hair I cut off.