Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Truman Show

The Kid and I were driving alone together in the van.
I noticed him looking out the window...
He paused and then said: Don't make fun of me... but have you ever thought it's weird that we aren't people in a book?  Or characters in a movie? Isn't it weird that we are 'real'? And not like a movie, someone is watching?

I looked directly at him and answered: I used to think that very same thing all the time.

The Kid turned and responded nervously with MUCH skepticism: Seriously?  Are you being serious??

Me: I'm totally serious.  I clearly remember thinking it was weird that I was 'real'. I always wondered if maybe we were little people in a dollhouse or something and bigger people were watching our lives.

With a grateful smile and sigh of relief, The Kid settled back into his seat.


As a parent, often we are so tired and overwhelmed... that we sometimes forget the amazing ideas bouncing around inside their heads... and that long ago... they used to bounce around inside of ours.

Later, I told Coach the story.
He got excited: I can totally remember thinking that!  I can remembering thinking it was sorta like the movie 'The Truman Show' and that maybe lots of people were watching me, for fun... and then I always thought... if people were watching me, right THAT minute, maybe I should do something cooler, to keep them entertained.

Weirdly, Coach has never really lost that thought process ... it sorta followed him through life.  Maybe that's why Coach is so likable.  Because he just wants to keep the phantom crowd entertained.


Coach said...

It was crazy when I heard this story, I used to picture that I was on stage in the Sunbury gym and people were watching me.

Unknown said...

Love this story! Car conversations are the best.

Arizona said...

reminds me of your post when Coach talked about it being weird you are parents and own business and are a real life family, etc. at the dinner table.
i still think how weird that is for me.
but when i was little i always imagined i was still a baby in my crib and sleeping and dreaming my whole life ahead of me & would wake up when i got to 18 and still be a baby.