Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First Day of the Rest of My (ummm... Their) Life

It happened, yesterday my middle, teeny baby began all day Kindergarten.  And it Was Not Pretty.  Well... Tink was pretty AND calm, excited and collected. But her mother?? Totally the opposite."Used to be a Hooker" witnessed my unusual and NEVER seen display of emotion and threatened to snap a picture for Internet Publishing... but I shot her a look which translated something like "Don't you bleepin dare photograph the saddest Mommy day of my life or I will bring the wrath down on you and your family."

Tink woke excited. Dressed in her adorable First Day Outfit. Accessorized with her lucky Tinkerbell necklace, entered her class room, hung her bag and darted directly over to the play section.  Done with me.

Her Mother??
Wandered around behind her.  Confused, sad and desperately trying to figure out how to stop time. 
My throat was tight, my eyes were blurred.  My mind raced with 'What ifs...'
What if she can't unbutton her new pants for the potty and has an accident and is nicknamed PeePee Girl, for the rest of her life??
What if she can't open her sandwich box?
What if she misses me?
What if I miss her so much it hurts? What if she never hugs me again, continues to age in warp speed and gets married?? I dashed out the side door and Totally Lost My Cool.  I was instantly mad at Coach.  I'm sure this is his fault.  He MADE them grow up. 

Because I wasn't broken enough, I had to crawl myself out of my funk (warm fuzzy blankets) to take my baby baby to everyday PreK at Noon.  Weird... I barely mentioned the drama of my actual baby going to school... but the honest truth is: Coco is a 8 year old girl trapped in a 3 yr old body.  She's been ready to ditch me for YEARS.  It's almost a relief to finally let her go to school.

Within a fraction of a second of the truck slowing to a stop, Coco sing-songed "Danks Mom and Dad!!" And suddenly learned to undo her seat belt and tried to open own door, flinging her body from the vehicle..  Like a 14 yr old embarrassed someone may notice her parents dropping her at school.
We made her slooooow down a minute and take a few pictures with friends.  Her and St. Patrick..

This next picture was too great NOT to post: Little First Day of School adjustment, I suppose.

Below: Coco and her cousin M.

After dropping Coco at school, I really hated Coach.  I mean, now... for the rest of my life... I just HAVE to spend Mondays with Coach?? And then... in like 5 years all our kids will start college and then I will spend EVERY day of my life, just with Coach??
How unfair is that?!

Sweetly Coach said: "What can I do for you?? Can I get you something?"

I sighed and grumpily said: "Yes. Get me a baby."

Coach replied: "Uhhhh, I don't think... I can..."

Me: "It doesn't HAVE to be a NEW baby, I'll just take one of my old babies back."

Coach: "Not sure... but I don't think it works like that."

By the end of the school day, I was hardly any better. My girls skipped out, maybe a little tired but still happy.  Smiley Tink and her Best Friend Cousin Twin Forever (Owl) after their first day together.
(I had to snap the pic AFTER school because I was too hysterical BEFORE to school to hang around and catch Owl's first morning.)

Morning Two?
Better... except for my new fears that A.) I am unable to appropriately dress my child to remain warm in the morning and then cool in the afternoon... and B.) she will be unable to open her lunchable or C.) she will suddenly forget where her classroom is located and be lost wandering the halls with her tiny legs, lost forever.
So.. I'm getting better-ish.


Unknown said...

Adorable pictures! Sorry for your loss of Tink. She is a great partner for you laying on the couch and relaxing. No better does it better than Tink.
When I talked to Coach yesterday I said, she'll want more kids. He said, she already asked.
Wish Used To Be A Hooker would have snapped that picture. Would have been a great fundraiser for your Relay Team. People would enjoy seeing documentation that you cry.
One more first day of school picture to go!

Anonymous said...

The "twins" looked happy after a long day at school. Great picture! TS, would love to have more grandchildren, but maybe you should stop and think about your trip back from Georgia. Coach, how did you make your children grow up when YOU haven't. Hang in there. It will get better for all of you. Love, Gramma G

Flag Girl said...

Gramma G is lying......it doesn't get better, it gets harder and harder....soon you won't sleep for fear of your sons driving or someone else driving them, or your helpless during a broken heart, and the money you hand out....I won't get in too....I can only describe it as being locked in a dark creepy basement and you can't find your way out!! So this first day of school IS the best day of your life!!

Too harsh???

The Bride said...

So what you're saying is that I need to keep VIP locked away. Home school and continue to let him sleep in his swing during naps till at least the age of 15?! These pictures and posts make me anxious, good thing I don't have to worry about this for another 5 years... EEK, only 5 years!!

The Mrs. said...

Too soon Flag Girl. Too soon.

Um, hello people. Why did none of you think of this earlier? The Bride has a baby. She was returning to work and needed a daycare provider. Tru Stories is baby-less; Coach is heartless and refuses to give her what her heart desires. Therefore, the solution to this conundrum should have been obvious. Tru Stories' house would make for an awesome daycare.

Flag Girl said...

Sorry Mrs.....I should know my audience......sorry Bride...it will all flow easily. The teenage years are like sitting on beach in the warm sun, drinking a glistening ice cold beverage, while Eric and the Hot Werewolf from Tru Blood are playing beach volleyball in front of you........Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo enjoying these comments!!Life is GOOD. Gramma G

Unknown said...

Flag Girl - Lived your heck. I know where you are coming from. To you I say, get medication. On the upside, your sense of humor is in great shape!
Seriously, did not realize how much Owl and Tink look alike. It is almost like they share much of the same genes. They are something!
Does anyone else miss Warhol's comments now that he has too many responsibilities to comment on the blog?

Unknown said...

Flag Girl -
My co-worker with 5 (yes, 5) boys said you described it perfectly. And this coming from a Mom that has children ranked #1 in their classes, play college football and are amazing!
She thinks you could be a writer!

Tru Stories said...

I also miss Warhol.

And Mrs:
The Bride would be VERY SMART to keep VIP far away from me right now. I may creepily attach myself to any cute baby that passes by.
If she doesn't want me to secretly teach VIP to call me mommy... then she'd better hide him under heavy blankets when she visits her parents. He's too cute and I have no self control.

Flag Girl: Thanks for the Tru Blood Visual... I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Hey when ya gotta itch.... Ya gotta itch!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coco. You look too grown up. Looking forward to Thursday AMs. Love Gramma G

Anonymous said...

Re-read all the responses. I understand Flag Girls comments, but we got through all that and are now on easy street. Bottom Line IT IS WORTH IT. Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

Hmmm, Flag Girl. Is it weird that I suddenly can't wait for the girls to hit teen hood? Helloooooo, Alcide.

(Sorry General.)

Anonymous said...

We'll drown our sorrows tomorrow night and Kit can be a rockstar. Hopefully, this will be a positive glimpse into Kit's future! :) ~Linds (the Teacher)