Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fresh Start

This morning, The Kid was off to start his first day at Private School.  We're all a little nervous but also very excited for the potential of his school year.

After MONTHS of late night discussions, Coach and I decided, The Kid simply deserved something new.  Obviously, we are happy with Our Town's public school (we currently have 2 little ladies enrolled). Coach is an employee of our schools, many nieces and nephews are attendees.  We have never been unhappy with our teachers or his opportunities.  The Kid did amazingly there and I have no concerns for our girls' futures. Our decision was not based on any one person or thing. See.... the problem is this: 
Nearly eleven years ago, I had this baby boy.  I held him in my arms, in a room completely alone with this incredible life I had just created.... and with new mommy whispers, I promised him the world.  The whole world.  And... I sorta meant it.
During these nearly eleven years, I have had to make many tough decisions, to keep my promise.  Decisions I knew, may be unpopular but being a parent is a mostly thankless and unpopular job inherently. Two weeks ago, we finally decided to 'Just Go For It' and enrolled The Kid in a nearby Catholic School.  Resulting in us becoming the Most Unpopular Parents of All Times in the History of Annoying Parents.
Why did we enroll The Kid in a new school??
The Full Explanation? Simply... because I promised my son the world. End of Story. I will try anything, to make those brown eyes sparkle with a genuine smile.

Now... I also have dreams.  I have wanted my entire life, to travel Europe.  And a few months ago, I realized my sweet husband had started a Europe Envelope, where he was stashing cash away for my dream trip to Europe. Isn't Coach lovely??
10 days ago, I took that envelope labeled "Europe $" and used the contents to pay The Kid's tuition at the new school. The Kid spied what I was doing and had a meltdown as we walked from the school...

The Kid: "I can't believe you just used all that money!!  Now I feel even more stupid that you just used all your Europe money!!"

Me: "Why would you feel stupid?"

The Kid: "Because Europe is your dream and now I feel guilty because you just spent all your money on me.  Now you will hate me because you can't go to Europe!"

I smiled and nearly laughed at his naivety: "Kid... you must not be as smart as everyone thinks. Don't you realize by now??.. YOU are my dream. You and your sisters are my best dreams.  I would do anything to make your lives better.... Europe can wait."

Dear Kid:
I am willing to start our lives, our path, our dreams over from scratch repeatedly... for my love of you.  You deserve everything we can give you and more.  I feel great about our decision and I believe you will flourish in your new environment.  Dad and I will take every "I hate you..." you can dish... because we will always love you.  You deserve the Moon, the Stars and more.  Good luck in your new adventure. 
My First tru love: We believe in you... your brilliance, your sensitivity and your amazing heart. 
Happy First Day of School. 
And. Today.  Officially.
I am a stay at home mother... to no kids.  Ouch.


Unknown said...

The Kid deserves the best. Glad he got it with you as a Mom and Coach as a Dad.

Anonymous said...

The Kid: Thank you Mom! The first day of school went GREAT! I LOVE you!

Tru Stories said...

The Kid LOVED his first day! He only had a half day, I picked him up for a lunch date and an afternoon hike at Humiston.
Great afternoon with my boy!!
So happy he loved it.

I'm exhausted from the stress of all the Back To School hoopla... ready to use some of my alone time for a serious nap.

Anonymous said...

To the Kid. I know you will have a great time at your new school. Before long, you will be saying mass on the altar. Looking forward to attending some children masses and other opportunities you will be doing there. Keep me aware. Love and enjoy! Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

Why do these decisions we make as a parent NEVER get easier? So happy your first day was a great one, Kid!