Friday, July 20, 2012


The 'Baby' did jump again... and again. Fearless.

No. Tink did not.
But she sure looks cool in shades.
And really... isn't that all that matters??

All 3 kids passed their Level of lessons.
So I'm not complaining.


Unknown said...

Math is not my strong suit but I think you have only blogged 5 times in 8 days. Falling short of 10 in 10.

Tru Stories said...

It's not as fun with hardly anyone commenting!!
Plus I didn't say all 10 posts had to happen once a day.

Coach said...

I feel strongly she is going to pull thru on this one. I feel the kids will have some stories in the next few days.

Tru Stories said...

And this started on Monday last week. Technically, I am at 6 posts in 7 days.
I did 2 posts in 24 hrs.