Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There's no Place Like Home.

This afternoon, Sweetbreads and Warhol are purchasing their very first home!! Please send Happy Congrats vibes in their direction.
Take a little advice from a seasoned homeowner: Owning a home is messy, expensive, time consuming, stressful and sometimes just plain dirty.
(Please archive the blog entries referencing our Dark Time known as the Poo in The Crawlspace Fiasco.)
But just like this picture...
If you are able to pick each other up, dust each other off... and above all, always remember to laugh during the worst of it... you will undoubtedly be blessed.

I wish for my friends:
Your hallways are filled with running children.
And maybe (hopefully) the sound of sweet baby coos...
Your kitchen warms with the scent of dinner.
Your living room is graced with movie night snuggles.
Your yard is messy with late night cookouts.
Your carpets stained, your fridge emptied and your belongings accidentally broken from holidays mixed with your large and crazy extended family.
Until every inch of your house, becomes a memory.

Home is Where your Heart is... Literally.
I am confident for the both of you,
there will never be a Tru-er Statement.
Best Wishes.


Unknown said...

Best wishes to Sweetbreads & Warhol. Is there a different zip code on that side of town?
Is it open all year over there or just when the pool is open?

Anonymous said...

Congrats you two
Much love
Sweatbreads Mom

Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome to a (maybe) less chaotic world. (maybe not)Enjoy your nouse and make it a nome. Love, Gramma G

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the H

The Mrs. said...

There is nothing but rainbows and glitter when you live on the north side of town. Loved growing up there and will forever consider that street home. Just a few things you can look forward to: eating doughnuts in your driveway while cheering on the Harvest Days 5K runners, short walks to the pool and park, fast access to the restaurant hub by 55, summer camp outs in your spacious's truly a magical street on which to live. Very happy for all of you - call us for the housewarming!

Doc said...


Coach said...

Nice house, let us know when you are having the first kid sleepover and the break in party.