Monday, July 23, 2012

Not sure this is really Appropriate but it is a Tru Story...

So a month or two ago, Coco started talking about her 'other dad'.  She's decided that she once had 'another dad' but that he died.  She will randomly bring it up and if you try to reason with her... she treats you like an idiot. Dinner time... last night....

Yada, Yada... kids talking, etc...

Coco: ... because I did.. wif my odder dad.

Me: Coco, you don't have another dad.

Coco: Nooo (eye roll) I don have anodder dad NOW cuz he died.

Me: Coco, you've never had another Dad before.  Coach is your only dad.

Coco (annoyed): He's my only dad NOW cuz my odder dad died.  He was killed.

Coach: I am your only dad.  There was no other dad.  Just me.

Coco (slams fork down on table): You are jus my only dad because the odder dad was killed. I had my odder dad before.

Coach: Then what was his name?

Coco (losing her patience): He doesn't HAVE A NAME NOW CUZ HE'S DEAD!!

Me: Calm down.  You do not have a dead dad.

Coach (playing along while pretending to act suspicious of my fidelity..): So did your other dad come to the house?  Did mommy talk to him?  What did your other dad look like?

Coco (totally serious she looks right at Coach and answers): My odder dad was black.

Coach and The Kid (totally lose all control with loud shocked laughter)

Me: Coco!  That's enough.  Be nice.  You did not have another dad.  Coach is your only dad.  You need to stop saying this.
(Coach and The Kid are honestly head on the table hysterically laughing.  Tink is even giggling, while she typically ignores every word Coco says.)

Coco: Mom... I know, I don have another dad NOW because he's dead.
(And just like that... she continues eating.)

Seriously... where does she come up with this stuff!?
I can not begin to imagine the embarrassment she will bring to our family, when she starts school in August. (and we hardly have any shame to start with.)


Unknown said...

Maybe it is too soon to send her to school. Let's wait until she learns how to keep a secret!
Here is what is odd, more and more Tink becomes the normal one.

Unknown said...

If I had not heard one of these "odder dead Dad" stories with my own ears, I would think this is a lie.
You really can't make this stuff up.

Coach said...

I think maybe Coco is using this as a metephor for who her dad was, and who he is today.

Munchkin said...

Michael Jackson?

Unknown said...

I like that Coach is using the word metaphor. Spelled it wrong, but I am still giving him extra points for using it.

ct said...

seriously LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! i just hope that her and will never decide to date......between the 2 of them, we are screwed.

Tru Stories said...

Next Day Posting Guilt:
To make it clear, we are VERY much not a type of household that speaks of race etc... in any type of inappropriate manner... likely Coco meant 'black hair' if she meant something else... well then, maybe we need to supervise her TV viewing a little closer!
Still: the story makes good blog.
Actually, Coco in general, makes good blog.