Monday, July 16, 2012

"Don't Call it a Comeback!"

"I been here for years..."
Ok... Tru Stories has been extra lame lately.  We've been super summer busy and I'm barely able to find the time to download, edit etc the pictures necessary to keep this mind blowing blog info updated.  People ALL OVER THE WORLD have anxiously been awaiting these Slam Dunk pictures.  I'm really not sure how you all have been comfortably able to fall asleep at night, with a clear mind.
Sooo.... I'm Back. 10 Posts in 10 days.
I can't promise they'll all be winners.. but I'll try.

(The Dunkers... lookin hard core. Obviously.)

The Commish



Coach... whom was not this year's Official Winner, though he absolutely had the most impressive dunk of the event.  But sometimes the judges get tired of fancy smancy and are just lookin for a solid score.

The winner: Jumbo Joe. I didn't actually get a pic of his dunk but there is NOTHING cuter than brothers assisting a dunk.  Maybe the older generation should take note.

Now.... For several years running, Clark has been a pretty big loser. Which has likely been tough to swallow in his home: where his wife is certainly NO loser. Clark did not win the contest (he placed second) but he easily takes the prize for Most Amazing Creativity. Yes: his dunk over his very frightened child was impressive but not the dunk which landed his distinguished prize.
Prior to the event, Doc and Clark took his picture (in costume) and printed little sticky face pics of himself.

First dunk, first round: Clark plastered his face on the board. Where it stayed the entire contest.
Pause, while you review the above pics.
One Word: Awesome.
The participates better Bring It next year.
Nicely played Clark.


Arizona said...

i was just about to e-mail you & PT & whine. i refrained bc i didn't want you to put me in my place w/ my own blogging, but I'm very excited for the next 10 days!

The General said...

Awesome! I'll admit I had an inside scoop on who won the contest, but Clark bringing some extra flavor to the competition was well worth the wait for the post.

Unknown said...

Clearly Coach is the highest in the air. I think the contest is rigged.

The General said...

From pics alone, I would have to go with the Commish

Anonymous said...

Clark's dunks were amazing! He dunked so violently, it was hard to stomach. He literally almost brought the pole down and to top it off with the most creative dunk I have seen. You have to give it to Jumbo Joe for staying consistant thru out the contest.