Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swimming Lessons Sista Style

Swim Lessons 2012. Yep, it's been hot.  Yes, Mrs and I spend nearly 2 hrs a day complaining about sweat and wondering out loud when we first began spending so much time discussing sweat.  (I think it was New Orleans 2011). Of course, Coach shows up sporadically and complains about his long running feud with the Sun... All per usual, swim lessons in July behavior.
But 2012 will forever be remembered as the Year of the Will She Won't She Diving Board debate. Coach's People are not inherently swimmers, by nature.  Sure... they will casually dip in a 4 foot pool, with a drink, on a perfectly warm 83 degree day, with no need to ever totally submerge their head.  But actual real life swimming?? Not really their bag.  And Tink is totally On Board with this tradition.
Except Tink is also SUPER competitive.
And the inner debate regarding her total HATE of face in water vs not having the guts to jump... well, frankly it's keepin the girl up at night.
REPEATEDLY for two weeks, Tink has growled, stomped her foot, narrowed her eyes and marched out on to the board.  'marched' defined as gently tiptoeing out on the low dive.

And then... she assesses the situation.

Assumes her triangle to nose stance, while her little brain tries desperately to convince her legs to 'Just go for it'... her new motto while safely in van, driving to swim lessons...

Followed by an adorable shoulder shrug.

Last, fist to chin 'ummmm... maybe not today'.

Now... My People, are swimmers.  The scent of chlorine on skin is my Fav.  I am actively encouraging my children to become little fish.  And Coco, is my girl.
Since the days of The Kid, the reward for going off the diving board all by yourself, is a private dinner date with mom and dad.  Coco did not need any convincing.
The first day, she sauntered onto the board, with a quick smile over shoulder photo opp.

She curled her toes around the end, and bent her body/rolled off the board. Hands clapping excitement!!

Coco, do you want to go again?? Yes sir.

By next day.. Leaping off.

And then leaping more, with dramatic flair.

The next day for Tink??
Safely doggie paddling in 6 inches of baby pool (pee) water, with her goggles in place.

Coco (her Dad) chose Chilis for her special date night. 

Several attempts more, an annoyed Big Sista still has not jumped.  I encouraged "Tink, I really want you to jump!  I'd love to take you on a dinner date tonight!"
Tink (shoulder shrug):
 Dat's ok.  Just bring me back something.

Tomorrow is the last day of lessons... so we'll see.  Maybe don't hold your breath. I apologize for the lack of The Kid swimming pics but it's sorta hard to snap his picture while he dives deep under water to retrieve bricks.  Trust me: He's one of My People.

'My People' phrase recently stolen from The General whom uses the phrase/excuse to blame him and Coach's Irish heritage for the hatred of everything very hot and sunny.


Unknown said...

I love that two out of three are "our people." I also like that Tink has to take lessons. People do not have to love the smell of chlorine (though I do not know why they don't) but they need to know how to swim. I married into a family of "non-swimmers." It is creepy. They are perfectly fine to vacation without pools. Do not get it. Tink - fingers crossed for you to do it tomorrow.
The pictures of Coco off the diving board make me smile.

Coach said...

My fault on Tru. Not a big deal. We can survive in water, that's all that is necessary.