Thursday, July 26, 2012

Purple People Eater

I was raised in a world of Orange and Black.
To be truthful, I honestly detested the colors.  Who wants to dress like a Halloween Pumpkin every day of their young lives. It's no secret, I am without sweet loving wistful feelings towards my alma mater. Actually I am without wistful feelings for my entire hometown.
With the exception of a few old friends, Avanties and a couple pizza joints... I'm oVer my past.  Unfortunately, Coach's sister REFUSES to join the cool kids and move back home.  (after we win the lottery and purchase her a new house here... she'll have to come back... whenever we start buying tickets...)
Sooo... to add insult to injury, they are raising their adorable children in the land of Purple. Uggghh!! It's like Doc is purposely trying to get under my skin!
Here's the details of the story:
Last year, Doc's Baseball Obsessed eldest Glen Allen, made the BJHS Baseball team.  A seriously BIG DEAL.  But not really a surprise, as his father Clark has been carefully grooming him since birth. (with a little help from his semi competitive mother Doc, whom sometimes participates in sports in a friendly non-threatening, hardly scary manner.)
Then yesterday, after 3 days of tryouts, with 42 Jr High girls... The Kid Nicknamed 'Funniest Cousin Alive': Princess Mona, made the Softball team!!
If you are keeping track. 
That's 1 nephew and now 1 niece, sporting Purple.

Listen closely, for I am only going to say this once:
I suppose... it's kinda possibly.. that just maybe.... I guess... ummmm... uggghhh... cough.. hesitate... voice in a low whisper... that Mona is really rockin that Purple Uniform and I'm secretly super proud she is a Knight.... DON'T TELL ANYONE I SAID THAT!

Quick Question:
When exactly did Princess Mona turn into a totally tall, skinny, posed and beautiful young lady, whom looks like an almost adult??!! Stop Aging!

Mona: if you keep morphing into your Mommy Doc, becoming an awesome hard core softball playin beauty... your Uncle Coach may love you even more!


Anonymous said...

We love you and are sooo proud of you. It adds a little more color to our red and green. You look awesome! Love, Gramma G

Flag Girl said...

Love it MadDog! You look great in your uniform!!

Coach said...

Mona, I did not expect anything less than what you have accomplished. You have grown up so much since I used to babysit all the time. I still remember the first time you said my name, it was also probably the last time. This tops that moment by just a little.

Munchkin said...

That's awesome Mona!

Anonymous said...

WOW Mona! Congrats, I remember when your mom made the Ransom team. A'shol (we were on the A's)

The Bride said...

Woooo Mona!! Purple looks good on you!

Doc said...

Hahaha..I really should thank mom & dad for paying the fee so I could "make" the A's team in Ransom! The only thing I remember "trying out" for was football cheerleading. Didn't make it so..went out for vball! Best thing that happened to me!

We are super proud of Mona, and her mad softball skills! She looks amazing in purple!

Go Knights!

Flag Girl said...

I remember when I made "The flag team" was amazing!

Munchkin said...

Flag Girl, you're awesome

Galaway girl said...

Good job Mona