Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I told Coco the truth about what nipples are used for.
I'm just soooo tired of making up stories for kids.. she caught me at a weak moment... we're around new moms with new babies.. she asks things like this ALL the time... so I just told her. 
Milk, Babies, moms, etc.
I immediately regretted the honesty. 
One question, lead to a billion questions.
Which turned into half-truths: about all milk drying on First birthdays and what not... (Hopefully, she doesn't happen upon a mother nursing a 4 yr old...)
I was also myself struck mid-conversation that there is no age appropriate adorable word for 'nipples' like 'pee pees' or 'wee wees'.
(And NO: General, Coach and Warhol, that was NOT an open invitation to list alternative words for nipples, so just stop your mind from working that track...)
Long Story Short.
I told Coco the truth today about nipples.
So Coach, expect a phone call this week from one of her teachers... Even though we followed The Talk with a lengthy Talk on 'What happens in our house doesn't need to be spoke of at school'.. I'm certain we're still going to get a call.
Because we're THOSE parents.
Or at least, I am..

She's broken me.


Anonymous said...
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arizona said...

Neebles. that's what SBR calls them.

arizona said...

Neebles. that's what SBR calls them.

Anonymous said...

I'm uncomfortable seeing it in print. -itscolderthanawitchesworhol

Tru Stories said...

FYI- It may help to know this convo had nothing to do with 'mine'. It may surprise people to know that 'mine' very rarely start conversations.

Coach said...

My brain hurts from trying to come up with other names .