Saturday, February 15, 2014


Flag Girl is getting married!
Flag Girl is getting married!
Flag Girl is getting MARRIED!!
Oh... and so is Chili D...

We had a bunch of fun plans to kick off the Valentine's/Wedding weekend.  Starting with tickets to the Avett Brothers concert on Thursday.  We were traveling out of town, got a hotel room, planned to first attend the Avett Bros and then move to an David Mayfield Parade after hours concert.  And I was BEYOND excited!
Wednesday evening: concert canceled.
I literally went dizzy with the bad news.
With a portion of our group missing, we went ahead with the second concert.  We celebrated and smiled, despite never hearing A Ballad of Love and Hate.
 (Isn't Coach cute??!)

 (Me and the sistas.)

Friday we planned to have the Anti-Bachelorette Party.  Simple day for seven ladies sharing lunch, drinks and painted nails.  The men were headed to their own lunch.
Except... when we woke Friday morning, the town was COVERED in snow. (huge surprise).  A large chunk of our ladies couldn't make the drive because of the weather.  Clark got called into work (bummer). Only one couple was able to make it down to share the day.
But again, we continued to celebrate,
despite the series of unfortunate events.

 Weirdly, the girls attendance, shared only 2 names.  Flag Girl and I have/had the same first and last name.  While the other two also share the same first, middle AND last names... Odd.

 (Chili's exaggerated hanging head from his 'Wild Bachelor Party')

We took pictures in an experiment to see if standing between Chili D and Clark made us better.

 With me... the bar lights made Clark look jaundice. Sorry Clark, I have that affect on men.

Our joke became, the more unfortunate things that happen leading up to The Day, must mean all the bad vibes are getting spent.  So each bad thing, which ruins another well intentioned plan, only equals another year of happy marriage. 
Can't wait to see what else fate has in store for the family this weekend!!  Because we've got a whole lifetime of happy anniversaries ahead for this couple!

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Anonymous said...

Flag Girl and Chili D may your life continue to be a love song. And they lived happily ever after.....