Friday, February 21, 2014

The End of The World

This week, in our small town, were pre-school screenings.  Moms everywhere were complaining about their babies being grown.  Any one who has followed this blog, knows that I HATE my babies aging. Except, with one baby, I could not be more ready to ship her off to full day Kindergarten. 
And this long winter has only confirmed that.
I've joked that Coach and I have made:
1.) A paper Christmas chain
2.) Have set alarms set on all of our phones.
3.) Have commissioned wall-sized chalk board calenders, desk calenders, oven timers and string reminders tied to fingers...
All devoted to Coco's first day of school in August.  Because this little girl (while crazy beautiful) is utterly and completely exhausting.  Below is just a teeny example of what her energy level is like on any given morning, in our home.
And the spinning: perfectly depicts her tornado like presence in life.

Obviously, that was a Coco original recording.
If you like her song,
I probably have 118 more videos like that on my phone... (not by my choice)

Side Note: I honestly have no idea who's girlish laugh is in the background.  Either Tink or The Kid (I'm leaning towards The Kid).  We may need to discuss him laughing less around future girlfriends..


Anonymous said...

The video makes me dizzy. There are times Coco makes me dizzy!!

Anonymous said...

maybe a video montage? Warhol