Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Flag Girl and Chili D were not the only couple married this weekend... we were as well!  At Mass, Saturday evening, Father surprised the congregation by having all married couples stand up and renew our vows.  Each couple had to face each other, hold hands and recite full vows in the church.
Because our first wedding was outdoors,

We joked all evening that we are now 'officially' married. Newlyweds. (Although if you look at our beautiful wedding day, I'm pretty sure God was there.)
Coach was crushed to realize that if it took until Saturday to become 'officially married in the church' he has wasted a lot of years that he could have been living the wild bachelor life. Coach also made sure to leave his options open by accidentally forgetting to insert my name.. "I, Coach, take you Blank to..."
Coach later explained the Blank wasn't his fault.  He claims Father just threw the renewal at him, not giving Coach enough time "to REALLY think about his options.." (He takes my breath away.)
Friday, I posted our annual Valentine's love story. 
Honoring the week, we fell madly 'In Like' with each other.  We had a great long weekend, celebrating love, family and marriage. Which only confirmed, without hesitation, I would marry Coach, every year for the rest of my life.
Sooo.. I'm not keeping track but...
We're now at Two Weddings.
And Zero Honeymoons.
Let's work on that, Coach.
"I'm yours and that's it,
I'm yours and that's it,

You're mine and that's it,



Coach said...


Tru Stories said...

Over Lunch Hour:

Coach: The blog was good.

Me: Did you know which song the lyrics were from?

Coach: Yeah.. I did, Taylor Swift right?

Me: WHAT? It's the Avett Brothers... In what world would I use a Taylor Swift song to describe loving you??

Coach: Right..

The Mrs. said...

So you renewed your vows. Big deal. Been there, done that. You can't get super excited about renewed love and commitment until your husband does so dressed in a mylar plastic Frankenstein mask, grunts every word, and puts in an emphatic hip thrust for good measure. Now THAT is love.

Anonymous said...

Does Coach listen to Taylor Swift?
Very funny Mrs.!!
Page Turner

Tru Stories said...

Mrs, I totally forgot about that super romantic Recycled Wedding Reception vow renewal! (Though yours was much more touching than mine..)
Still, that puts me at THREE weddings and zero honeymoons...