Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wedding: Part Two

The Cousins are all Big.
Of course, I see all of these children on a regular basis... but for some reason, I was repeatedly surprised with each picture, how old our babies have become.  They were all so beautiful and well behaved. 
We are a very lucky group of parents.
This family makes pretty babies, for sho.
 Coco, watching her favorite band sing.

You may be wondering where Coco is, when she is not with her other girls cousins... but look closely in the background: you'll see Coco being snuggled by Jumbo Joe and the Cute Girl.. like they are a little family together. Adorable.
 The Gipper gettin tipsy.

 Me and One. The Eldest. And Mostest.

The Trio.
Galway Girl, Grace of Monoco & Bondie Beach.

 Coach and (one of) his God-daughters.

 Coco could not stop staring at her Aunt Flag Girl. Who was 'beautiful like a princess'.

Tink and her BFF Owl, trying to take a cute picture while the annoying Uncles kept photo bombing.

 Uncles are Dumb.

The Younger version of Cousin Best Friends. 
It's nice to have babies in pairs.

The Three Jr. High boys (mini men)

My two Bookends. Coco and her broder.

I am a notorious Non-Crier.
Yet, I cried 3 times during this wedding.
1. The Sister toast, prior to the ceremony.
2. When Flag Girl's boys walked her down the aisle to my favorite version of 'I want to Hold your Hand'. (It was like she was trying to make me cry!)
And then, I cried when Coach showed me this picture on the camera:
Me and my first baby.  We are both STANDING!  Which means he is this close to being taller than me.  He just keeps growing up. Yuck.

Again... it was an amazing evening.
I love all those little faces.

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