Monday, February 10, 2014

During these 10 days of February, Winter Gave to Me...

Yes.. I wrote that title in a Christmas themed tune because the snow has won.  It's taken my sanity.  And this is where the blog has been..

It snows here.  All. The. Time.  It just snows and snows and snows... and when it's not snowing, it's so cold your skin could freeze.  Literally, the News programs actually tell you how quickly in seconds your skin will freeze.  And because of the 'Schmuckin Schmolar Schmortex' our children rarely attend school. 
And that's not good for me.
I love summer with my children.  Sure... it's exhausting but I enjoy it.  I do NOT enjoy being trapped in this house over and over and over again, with three children ranging in age, gender and a general variety in interests. It's gettin real Realz in here.
Little girls are kicking each other in the face.
Big kids are screaming at younger kids.
Moms are hiding in their bedrooms with heated mattress pads randomly screaming down the hall "What is happening out there NOW??!!" while Dad's pretend the Barbershop is super super busy. 

In between losing my 'schmit'... I've attended at least 427 basketball games during the past week... (FYI- it may be too cold for humans to walk to the mail box but apparently it is never too cold to hold a basketball tournament.)

The first ten days of February has also celebrated two brothers birthdays:
On February 4th My Brother had his 33rd birthday.  We celebrated with a birthday lunch at DQ, followed by a short shopping trip for clothes and later he went out to shoot pool with our Dad.  A very simple day but a very active and positive day for Joel.  As always, his birthday can feel a little sad.  But we exchanged an 'I love you..' and that felt pretty darned positive.
 (Lunch date with his niece, Coco)

And today, Warhol celebrates his 44th birthday.  And while it seems impossible to top his past year of life: he married his beautiful Sweetbreads, he literally traveled from one edge of the country to another (Florida to California) he continues to inspires through his art work and his home renovations... oh... and he made a baby...
All of that and more,
and he still looks to a future filled with an even more amazing year.  Because in July, he will be with a son or daughter.  And THIS AUNT can not wait for baby snuggles. 
(remember how that dinner was the best eva??)

Happy Birthday, Warhol.
Hey.. I love you, too. Really. I do.
I'm honestly grateful to have both brothers in my life.
(I'm also grateful the weather seems to be breaking.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks TS, kinda choked up, happy birthday Joel, and we will be drinking on The Mansion Patio before we know it!

Munchkin said...

Happy birthday!!

Coach said...

Happy birthday to my brother and brother-in-law. We really do need some warmth around here and kids to go to school all week. I am afraid I am going to come home from work one day and my wife will be gone.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday! This will truly be a year worth celebrating.