Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Galway Girl

Do you remember last year?
We were driving back from an amazing surprise vacation to Savannah, Georgia?!  And this year, for your birthday, Mother Nature surprised you with several inches of snow.  Not cool.
When I became your aunt, you were just so teeny.  A little button of a girl.  Adorable and spunky.  And now, you are becoming a little lady.  Still adorable, still spunky, still kinda teeny.. just multiplied with endless possibilities.
When I watch you cheer, or dance, or play basketball and softball... I am continually amazed by your wealth of talent.  You are incredibly coordinated, quick, aware and full of fire. 
In addition, you are so bright!  With impressive grades.  So kind, so sweet.  You are accepting and inviting.  Giggly and smiley. 
You are full of the very best traits of this family. 
The sky is literally the limit for your rising star.
I love to be your aunt.  I love to share your space and watch you grow.  You could be just about anything you can dream.  So dream big, little girl.  And always remember, you have a very large fan club willing to lift you up.
Happy Birthday, Galway Girl.
Our beautiful Irish Princess.


Anonymous said...

Shelby remember when we could walk across the street to an ocean? Way better spring break than this year. Happy Birthday! I love the way life sparkles in your eyes. Grammy

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Galaway girl. Loved shopping and spending your birthday with you. TS is right. You can do anything. Love you much. Gramma G

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a life without you, I love my little girl so much, Happy 10th birthday baby. Daddyhol

Anonymous said...

Colesie I hope you had a great day and are enjoying your new bedroom. Can't wait to be your step-grandma !!

Much Love

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Hope you had an awesome 10th Birthday, sweet Galway Girl!

Coach said...

Happy birthday, I hope you had an awesome day!