Thursday, March 21, 2013

Progress Report.

Coco has an adorable first year teacher, for her Pre-K class.  This week, Coco received her progress report.  Very nicely organized, typed with detailed points, including:
* Coco shows eagerness to learn by asking many topic-related questions and participating in activities on a regular basis.
* She really enjoys the musical/movement part of our day and is very active participant.  She independently recites our rhymes and songs randomly through out the day!!
Longtime Mom Translation:
*Coco is constantly asking the most annoying questions ALL DAY LONG.  Even while I am trying to assist other students, Coco is totally up in my business.
* She randomly bursts into song throughout the day, most of the time we can barely decipher which rock lyrics she is blurting out, desperately sucking all of the attention out of the room.


Unknown said...

I cannot keep up with all the things Coco says in just an hour alone with her.
She is a talker. She has so much to share. Sometimes an exhausting amount of things to share!
Each one of the TS kids have their own unique personalities.
There is only one Coco!

Coach said...

That is just about perfect.