Monday, March 11, 2013

Sweet ideas. Good Intentions.

This weekend, Doc and Clark were renovating their kitchen.  Building walls, new cabinets.. the whole 9 yards.  Coach was not able to go help.  He had to work and we (mostly him) decided I had been too sick to be left alone all weekend with the kids.  I felt SUPER guilty.  If any of Coach's siblings say jump, Coach always hopes to enthusiastically and repeatedly respond "How High? Pick ME! How High?!"
But his dumb sickly wife, needed a dumb babysitter. I wanted to think of something to do for Doc and Clark.  I decided, to send cookies.
I didn't want too cute, overly expensive cookies.   I wanted yummy, grab and snack while busy cookies.  I searched the Internet and found Baked! of Bloomington.  Their 'gimmick' is: they are a local shop, which bakes cookies fresh when ordered and will deliver late at night.  Their hours are 8:00pm-3:00am and are located on a college campus.  You know... in case you get the munchies late at night and don't feel like pizza.  Genius!
I called.  Placed an order for 3 dozen, hand picked different flavors, ingredients, added Hershey's kisses to a few... included ice cold milk.  Set to be delivered to their house by 9:00pm.  Perfect!!  Just when the workers could use a little sugar.
Coach told me to include a note. "Sorry we couldn't help... Here's some cookies..."  We were both pretty excited.  We knew it would make Doc smile.  It made us feel a little better for skipping out.

Before 9:00pm, my phone rings. 
It is the delivery driver (PS. Driver and employee were both friendly): Hi.  Um, I'm driving to the location... you said this would be a house but her address is actually an apartment.

Me: No.  They live in an house.  There are a few apartments around them. 

(we confirmed address, I gave more detailed directions, he was agreeing with street names and landmarks... he kept driving...)

Driver:  I'm sorry but this is an apartment. 

Me: It's not an apartment.  There should be a few cars.  Lots of people working inside.

Driver:  There are cars but... Wait. Are you sure this house is in Bloomington, Indiana??

Me: Uhhhhh.... no.  Bloomington, IL.  Are you guys located in Indiana?

Driver (laughing, still friendly): Yes! 

Me: Whoops.  This is awkward.  It never said Indiana any where on the website Menu.

Driver: No problem, it happens once or twice a week.

Coach and I were bummed, by the super fail. 
Coach said: I'm sure it happens, confusing poor stoned college kids all the time.

Doc and Clark:  We can't wait to see your new kitchen.  And I hope you liked your phantom cookies!
PS. Someone really needs to open a Baked! nearby.  Freshly baked cookies with your choice of ingredients, delivered at 2:00am.  That's beyond brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! The same exact thing happened to me when I couldn't make it down to help, accept I had sent 6 pks of various exotic beer. -bummerhol

Arizona said...

no worries... some other drunk/stoned kid won't even know when we deliver these in a couple hours they aren't what they ordered.